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Sean Crowley , President
To sustain growth and profitability, every business eventually comes to a point where automation can create a sustainable return on investment. Automation enhancements can impact any place of an operation such as order entry, manufacturing or inventory control to name a few. Field labor automation or workforce automation has become of high interest as of late given the lower trending cost of cellular phones, tablets and laptops while at the same time seeing their capabilities soar. However, the challenges in turning commercial mobile devices into valuable field force automation tools can be expensive, confusing and time consuming along with the challenges of involving multiple departments and multiple vendors to implement and support.

Westlake Software, Inc. specializes in the automation of field labor or workforce automation with its services called®. The company assists its customers by starting with the assessment of the client’s existing systems and gathering of requirements followed by the formulation of an action plan. The company combines consulting, education, software development and integration into a bundled offering designed to enable customers to measure operational value by lowering costs, driving productivity or increasing sales. “What sets us apart is a truly consultative approach,” begins Sean Crowley, President, Westlake Software. “We start with your carrier and mobile devices and work through the entire automation process. We do this to ensure we can help our customers capture the most from their investment.” With an aim to help its customers be successful at every step of the process, Westlake Software designed® to allow for both a high level of automation and flexibility but also support a system that is easy to administer and use.

“Our organization has automated with® at all 38 US locations,” states Mike Porter, Senior Vice President of IT, Clear Channel Outdoor [NYSE: CCO]. “We recently surpassed the collection of over 2 Million photos and the collection of over 100 Million GPS coordinates in the management of our billboard installations. Our entire organization has been favorably impressed by the technology and have now automated our capital expenditure reporting, vehicle inspections, plant maintenance, bus shelter and news rack maintenance.”
For Clear Channel,® supports multiple make and model devices, multiple carriers, forms automation, bar coding, photo capture, GPS tracking, trigger and threshold alerts, Microsoft Excel and PDF reports, dashboards and multiple points of back office integration.

“Currently, we have just released a global module that enables organizations who sell multiple products into multiple countries the ability to track proof of performance, offer mobile training and content distribution, competitive tracking and translation capabilities,” states Crowley. “Our customers want to know what their people are doing, where they are doing it, how long they are doing it and when they are done.” Proof of performance often combines GPS tracking, photo capture and compliance data. “The objective is to allow management to have visibility to field activity without physically being there,” added Crowley.® operates as a SaaS supporting Android, Windows 8.1+ and Windows Phone. In most cases, the system can be configured for an evaluation period to allow customers to try the system in a live environment. iOS offering is expected in Q4 of 2015.

The objective is to allow management to have visibility to field activity without physically being there

Since inception, Westlake has been helping organizations empower their workforces with highly automated and affordable wireless solutions. Companies such as Sprint, Blue Cross, MGM Grand, Shell Oil, HealthNet, T-Mobile, State of California, and Providence Health Systems have automated with the technology generating over a Billion transactions. With its technology used in over 40 countries around the world, Westlake has emerged as a leading field force automation solution provider for some of the world’s largest companies.


Westlake Village, CA

Sean Crowley , President

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