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Neal Gottsacker, President & CEO
Businesses continuously explore ways to simplify document creation—the key process integral to all enterprise workflows. Even pure internet-based enterprises, which are the least dependent on paper-based processes, solicit documents as a record of transaction. Irrespective of the nature of business, documents essentially serve a gamut of business purposes, but managing these myriad documents and interspersing them within their business models and digital user experiences remain a cumbersome task for all organizations. Lexington, KY based airSpring Software steps into the picture and assuages the situation for businesses through its pioneering microservices strategy. “Our UX- and document-oriented microservices enable critical business interfaces and documents for web and mobile applications,” states Neal Gottsacker, President and CEO of airSpring Software.

The easy-to-use visual layout Designer, based on WYSIWYG—What You See Is What You Get development environment—with its drag-and-drop features helps to create personalized as well as dynamic documents, including templates for correspondence, dashboard reports, smart forms, adaptive interviews, kits, brochures, and proposals. For instance, the tool allows documents to be created and filled dynamically, based on the responses from user input data. Gottsacker says, “The Designer is used for creating layouts for a User Experience (UX) that supports a wide variety of screens, rules, and actions.”

Gottsacker explains that applications, which provide an inherent UX, invoke events such as page-load, button clicks, data-list selections, drawer expansion, etc. For such applications, airSpring provides a rich set of actions—reading or writing data, creating PDFs, performing custom logic, sending email or SMS, updating application properties, navigating to other screens or even other applications—that can be driven from any event.

Subsequently, users can include interactive documents and forms in any application, integrate data, and generate PDF documents on-the-fly as an integrated feature from the web or mobile client application.

Our UX- and document-oriented microservices enable critical business interfaces and documents for web and mobile applications

“Many industries have volumes of interactive PDF forms, but don’t have an easy way to merge information collected from web or mobile interfaces into the forms themselves,” says Gottsacker. Through its robust enterprise-oriented features, like data integration— with databases, files, or web services— that can be infused within a web or mobile application, airSpring’s platform calls for a truly flexible document workflow. airSpring also brings to the table the capability to interface with third-party applications like Salesforce, Marketo, and Content Management solutions.

The airSpring platform turns into an archetypal document generation platform, as it serves numerous business purposes like information management, planning, reporting, sales and marketing, and creation of an automated workflow. In one of the implementation highlights, a client had been running operations on paper for processes, policies, and procedures. Finding an appropriate document and printing, scanning, and forwarding it, had become an arduous task. airSpring assisted the client to automate and execute processes within minutes instead of days. Eventually, the client gained employee productivity, reduced risks and cost, and improved compliance. The client was also able to audit information and highlight risks.

Acknowledging the need for template microservices that could enable a marketplace for business interfaces, airSpring has aligned its roadmap to reflect the various feedback it receives from its clients. A steadfast mission to enable businesses in their transformation from legacy customer communication to a real-time, digital engagement is the driving factor that keeps airSpring a step ahead of its customers. “At the end of the day, we focus on client success and help them achieve their digital transformation objectives,” he concludes.

airSpring Software

Lexington, KY

Neal Gottsacker, President & CEO

Provider of document-oriented microservices that build critical business interfaces and documents as part of web and mobile applications

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