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With 18 years of experience running the cybersecurity mission at a telecommunications company, Juan Miguel Velasco observes that today it has become indispensable for enterprises to go digital. Also, the use of cloud-based applications is quickly eliminating network perimeters, leading to security risks. As a result, no enterprises are immune to cyber attacks. “Despite increasing security risks, most companies are only managing cybersecurity in a reactive mode, authorizing action only when they face a security issue," says Velasco. With a drive to proactively prepare companies with an integrated response for increased protection against cybersecurity attacks, Velasco with a team of professionals having more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity, managed services, and telecommunications founded Aiuken Cybersecurity. The company offers managed security and cloud services to large enterprises, SME, and public administration, with the objective of delivering high security, quality, excellent performance services, 24/7/365 customer security, technical innovation, and PayPerUse to its customers.

We work to achieve the goal of allowing the customer’s company to operate on the internet without fear

Aiuken is one of the foremost European managed security service providers (MSSP) and worldwide provider of Security Operations Center (SOC) and cybersecurity solutions, operating in seven countries. The company offers outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems, alongside advanced security services such as intrusion detection, virtual private network, anti-viral services, managed firewall, and more. Aiuken has developed a disruptive technology that has allowed them to have multiple consoles synchronized management platform that enables them to manage hundreds to thousands of devices with one or two operators, saving the customers' time, cost, and manpower. The company manages security devices for its customers, advises them about their IT investments, helps them implement security detector programs, and more. Also, the company’s big data and AI integration capabilities simplify security, helping customers manage the tons of information generated by security and non-security devices.
Juan Miguel Velasco, Founder & CEO
“This enables our customers to focus on their priorities instead of spending time on false positives,” quips Velasco, the founder and CEO of Aiuken Cybersecurity, who has donned many hats during his career: executive roles at technology and telecom companies; managerial positions at leading e-commerce services, and professorship of cybersecurity at educational institutes.

Aiuken currently has five SOCs covering four continents that give customers the ability to anticipate, detect, and respond to advanced threats. “The more we can help people simplify their administrative tasks with IT, the better,” opines Velasco. The company has helped operators in Europe and the Middle East simplify services within three months with full SOC services integrating best-of-breed and first-class security tech in the market.

Aiuken does not charge any advance payment before customers achieve their KPIs and the operation parameters for production. Recognizing the difference in customers from different verticals such as banking and retail, Aiuken follows the usability strategy according to the customers’ different goals and KPIs. With its own service platforms, integrated products that customers themselves can manage, as well as strategic alliances with major manufacturers and operators, Aiuken offers the best IT services at the best prices.

As one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, Aiuken aims to double their benefits and the business in the next 12 to 18 months. Also, apart from boosting their market growth in America, Europe, and Africa, plans are underway to expand to Asia, including Singapore and Japan, and to refine Aiuken's new locations for deploying robust security for customers. The company is also looking for partners in North Europe for its British phone channel partners program. “We work to achieve the goal of allowing the customer’s company to operate on the internet without fear,” concludes Velasco.

Aiuken Cybersecurity

Miami, FL

Juan Miguel Velasco, Founder & CEO

Provides managed security services and cloud services solutions to large enterprises, SME, and public administration to help save time, cost, and manpower

Aiuken Cybersecurity