AJBoggs: The Power of Blockchain for Healthcare

Juan Loaiza, Client Support Manager
A new era has begun in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies may transform industry with more secure and open information exchanges, more efficient communications, more accessible data, and less expensive transactions that will empower customers with new and innovative services. However, the extended use of cryptocurrencies places businesses in dire need of monitoring the cryptocurrency market to stay updated on the occurring trends and fluctuations. Having fastidiously mastered the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, A.J. Boggs & Company (AJBoggs) unleashes their true potential.

Founded in 1989 based on a commitment to excellence in customer service, AJBoggs has developed Lifia Portal solutions to help health program managers. The company plans to launch Lifia Coin, which will facilitate drug price discounts, program donations for fundraising, and money transfers. Blockchain technology in the Lifia Portal will provide optimal transparency enhanced security and better identity management. Blockchain technology complements AJBoggs’ existing software development team, which is committed to developing secure and accessible web and mobile applications.

In 2017, AJBoggs created Yenso, the blockchain guru and ‘consultant’, that defined a new crypto index, the Yenso Index to represent and publish different cryptocurrencies in the global currency markets, analyze their benefits, and traction gained in real-time. “This provides non-experts investing in cryptocurrencies with visibility into the global currency market without the need of becoming a coder or developer,” adds Juan Loaiza, Creator of Yenso & Client Support Manager at AJBoggs.

From managed hosting and custom software development to product development and consulting, AJBoggs proffers its clients with a plethora of benefit management tools and eligibility portals, Lifia, to deliver secure communications and client support with robust program management tools and reporting.

Our objective is to leverage our blockchain knowledge with market insights and create a platform that will positively affect people’s lives

Additionally, the company’s Lifia Portal features an enrollment platform, administration system and a workflow/business rules. AJBoggs leads the charge in three different public health projects utilizing Lifia for Ryan White programs. “Our Lifia portal empowers health care agencies to efficiently track and manage their programs, and understand their clients better with accurate reports,” Loaiza states.

As industries strive to minimize price volatility, the company is actively working on stablecoins—cryptocurrencies designed to store values or units of account—that utilize blockchain’s cryptographic security and transaction features to drive prices down with innovative smart contract features. “Our intention is to infuse the market with a product that would take discounts and rebates to the final consumer,” adds Loaiza.

AJBoggs' success-driven team continues to explore opportunities for innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrencies markets. Looking ahead, AJBoggs strives to leverage the knowledge of a wide network of blockchain experts around the globe by being part of the Hyperledger initiative. The company is all geared up for the future with the new and exciting roll-out of blockchain projects and initiatives with partners in multiple industries. “Our objective is to leverage our blockchain knowledge with market insights and create a platform that will positively affect people’s lives,” concludes Loaiza.


Boston, MA

Juan Loaiza, Client Support Manager

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