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John Laditan, Owner and Manager
Every project irrespective of industry involves a vast number of processes set in place to ensure timely and successful completion. Project management as a profession is about creating value, benefits , meeting a need , solving a problem or improving an existing facility. It has become a must have skill in the industry today.

John Laditan, the owner of AJL Project Services is an Engineer and a certified Project Manager of about 37 years. He possesses a degree and a postgraduate degree in Civil Engineering and is also a business graduate with an MBA , He is both a Prince 2 and PMP certified Project Manager.

He additionally possess an executive masters certificate in Project management from the Projects Management College UK where he actually trained in it with commendations for about 5-10 years at different times.

He also had a training stinct with J.K. Michaels PM Consulting (PMI-REP) for about 5 years with an outstanding reference.

John have done this , done that both in the public and private sectors of his 37 years career as an Engineer and a Project Manager.

At commencement of the business , He observed the gaps between the owned means of transportation and public transportation in Texas and the US as a whole. The impact of this was very obvious and clear. The public bus and rail transportation system were very far behind in development.

The multi modal transportation system was not balanced in development. The infrastructural development of Highways , Bridges , water and sewage systems was however great and highly commendable.

With the need identified , the business was incorporated to bridge gaps in whatever way it can deploying both Engineering and PM expertise.

We began and got involved in the Transit Agencies as Vendors / Contractors and by supplying maintenance equipments and parts for bus and rail to include installation and management where needed. This essentially supported the fleet maintenance which is crucial to the existing levels of service of the Transit Agencies for which they are able to develop further for expansion towards the realization of the need identified.

The Government efforts in the development of small businesses is great through SBA and several other agencies. The creation of business opportunities at all tiers of government is highly commendable our involvement have been very eventful and rewarding but also tough as the system is not perfect , quite a whole lot of room for improvements.

Our work culture of Integrity, Performance, and Quality as core values have sustained the business over these years

AJL Project Services is involved extensively in the construction front of its business, where it undertakes repair and maintenance for homes that further improve its core service offerings. The company does bathroom and kitchen remodeling including additions. The construction trade preferences are Drywall, Flooring and Painting in Multi Family and Commercial construction developments. The business however does grounds up Single Family residential development.

Based on its longstanding experience in the industry, the company has mastered the art of project delivery with respect to timeline, quality, and budgetary specifications of each project.

Under Project Procurement Management Service for Transit/ Government agencies, the business has a large, diverse clientele that includes the Metropolitan Transportation Authorities (MTA) of Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Rail, Triborough Bridges and Tunnel, MTA-HQ, South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Massachusetts Bay Transit Agency, and Metro Houston, among many others. The business supplies maintenance equipment and parts, for buses and trains. AJL is often regarded as a partner for sourcing obsolete and replaced parts at some point but progressed to rail fasteners manufacture and supply dominantly up till now , the business also undertook several projects requiring specific technical expertise for the transit agencies amongst several other procurement items.

AJL Project Services’ methodology involves planning, coordinating, and controlling projects from inception to completion. The company deploys hybrid methods and specific method practices to guarantee successful project delivery in commercial, multifamily, single-family, and infrastructure construction. With background in Engineering as industry competence, have helped the business to successfully manage several projects successfully.

AJL Project Services

Dallas, TX

John Laditan, Owner and Manager

AJL Project Services, Inc has been recognized as a leading construction/project management services company in Dallas, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. The company tackles complex projects with its project management services and stands confident in its transit supplies sector--earning the reputation of a reliableproject management services firm.

AJL Project Services