Akaibu: Akaibu Revolutionizes Migration to Microsoft Office 365

Andrew North, CEO
North continues: “Organisations know that moving services, applications and infrastructure to the cloud can offer significant cost and competitive advantages. Despite social media, email is still the lifeblood of the corporate world and CIOs continue to be burdened with concerns over management and regulation while needing to control the storage explosion and user access requirements. That’s where we come in.”

The challenge of how to mi¬grate legacy data to cloud services in a seamless and low risk way, is a real and tricky issue for many organisations, with poorly planned and executed migrations often blocking progress of far larger and more significant programmes.

As a Gold Application Development Partner with Microsoft, Akaibu, a literal translation of the word ‘archive’ in Japanese, has made it their mission to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective email migration solutions, helping clients move data quickly and securely from legacy archives to Office 365.

North adds: “Of course we can move Exchange data, but that’s only half the problem. We specialise in addressing the critical legacy data challenges as well, and focus on what’s really important to users-fast, reliable, proven and cost effective solutions that can be trusted to get the job done quickly, accurately and with full compliance.”

He continues: “Simplification and automation are our watchwords. By giving organizations access to historical knowledge, quickly migrating mail to Office 365 and enabling the utilisation of previously ‘locked in’ systems, data and knowledge, we have become a critical link in the chain of infrastructure and application transformation.”

Realizing that manual migration comes armed with significant risks, Akaibu developed application integrated connectors to eliminate this risk.

“Each item is finger¬printed and a detailed forensic report runs to ensure a legally defensible migration chain can be demonstrated,” explains Brian Janc, Akaibu’s CTO.“Source archives aren’t altered or deleted during any part of the migration process so the option of full rollback is possible at any point.”
Innovation is important too, as Janc describes. “We’ve always given our clients as much control over their migration as possible. We developed a unique parallel processing architecture that lets them scale the speed of their migration as fast or slow as they need it to be.”

Don’t read this article if you’ve already migrated”, begins Andrew North, Akaibu’s CEO, “As we don’t want you to feel you missed out on our seamless delivery to Office 365 using our simple, elegant, fast solution

Setting and delivering on expectations lie at the heart of how Akaibu works, with a focus on transparency both inside and out. This successful approach has resulted in Akaibu catering to many FTSE and Fortune 500 organisations. When a recent global Pharmaceutical client needed to transfer 50+TB of data directly to Office 365 they naturally turned to Akaibu for help. With 40,000+ employees globally, it was facing a long and arduous manual migration. “The old process required 6-10 steps, introducing significant errors and risks,” explains North. Using Akaibu’s connector, Evolve 365, the transition was done in half the time whilst building all the safeguards and audit the legal team needed and at a greatly reduced cost.

The connectors developed by Akaibu help users of Symantec Enterprise Vault, EAS, EmailXtender, Source One, Dell Archive Manager, and GFI Mail Archiver.

And what’s next? “With new gmail, google vault, and MBOX connectors just launched, it’s a big year for the team at Akaibu. We’re also working on a revolutionary migration approach that will scale further and faster through improved parallel streaming and a ‘direct write’ method,” says Janc. “We’ll continue to provide our clients the very best experience and solution we can.”


Fort Worth, TX

Andrew North, CEO and Brian Janc, CTO

Delivers Evolve, an archive migration toolset, to the worldwide email archive market.