Aktrea: Leveraging Gamification & A.I. for Sustainability and Education

Rajiv K. Rajendra, CEO and Ajay S. Ramachandran, COO
Today, most businesses are leveraging AI to optimize their marketing efforts, enhance customer experiences and streamline workflows. Singapore-based Aktrea takes a different approach to AI by applying it to change the way people engage and learn in the digital world. The company focuses on people being learners looking to build skills and behavior, as well as creators looking to share their knowledge, experiences and stories. Aktrea’s AI is being created with this perspective.

Traditionally, organizations and networks have a lot of content, experiences, and stories, but in formats such as PDFs and eLearning that are not engaging enough. Aktrea is creating an online authoring tool with built-in AI for people to make their existing content more engaging through gamification. “AI is being built in as a part of our offerings and not as an add-on,” says Rajiv K. Rajendra, Aktrea’s founder and CEO. The company’s AI will take in customer DNA, content, requirements, and policies to generate learning games and simulations that are highly customized and tailor-made for the customer. Aktrea’s designers go through the content, understand the learning objectives and company DNA to help curate and deliver a best-in-class learning game quickly and at low costs. “Our audience gets an experience created just for them with their DNA embedded,” says Ajay Ramachandran, Aktrea’s COO. These modules engage employees and make existing content easy to understand, practice, and implement at work. They cover a range of topics including Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Culture and Strategy, Compliance, Onboarding, and Mandatory Training. The games are available standalone or as a complete suite.

“Pilots have flight simulators that help them practice flying— corporate professionals should have similar tools that help them practice work,” says Rajendra. The company is creating simulations into which intelligence is built-in at the back-end. By uploading customer content, the AI will develop a simulation that is very close to real-world possibilities. The company currently offers various types of simulations—roleplay simulations, design thinking simulations, group simulations, and more. Their sustainability simulations will help organizations assess their sustainability across the entire value chain while enabling investors to evaluate different scenarios and explore meaningful sustainable investment alternatives. “That's a fascinating area because the whole world is now focusing on sustainability and we are looking at how we can use AI to provide tools to the professional sector on learning and practicing sustainability,” adds Rajendra.

The company’s AI will take in customer DNA, content, requirements, and policies to generate learning games and simulations that are highly customized and tailor-made for the customer

Aktrea’s 3D Design Thinking simulator helps teams collaborate using Design Thinking to practice, ideate, and solve day-to-day and strategic problems. For example, a large organization wanted to implement Design Thinking to find the root cause of a large issue with the workforce. Aktrea worked closely with the client to come up with a solution that incorporated design thinking as well as industry and client practices. By building the solution based on the situations that they faced, client stakeholders can brainstorm across various locations and apply different methods to come up with the right solutions.

Aktrea has structured itself to ensure that it can quickly modify, update, and keep changing the AI components without affecting other pieces. This will help replace existing components with more robust and accurate ones when needed. Additionally, as more people start using their solutions, the self-learning concept of their AI will make their solutions better. “We have created an Innovation Lab that focuses on models, analytics and AI across all our offerings. This is one way we can stay ahead of the competition,” says Ramachandran.

Rajendra envisions three main elements for the company’s future—an off-the-shelf platform for clients to create their own assessments and simulations, bots that streamline the content available online, and leveraging analytics and insights of learning to provide predictive analytics on future learning trends. “The goal is to create something that will help bring the change that we envisioned for the world,” concludes Rajendra.


New York, NY

Rajiv K. Rajendra, CEO and Ajay S. Ramachandran, COO

Makes learning, knowledge sharing and sustainability more engaging and fun using games, simulations and AI