Albrecht Solutions: Current Business Analysis And Development Of New Approaches With ERP Software

Felix Albrecht, CEO
Creating solutions that lead to business evolution has been a top desire of every firm. By closely identifying the business needs of companies, Albrecht Solutions, a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, finds efficient, scalable and turnkey solutions allowing clients to return their focus on the manner of running their organizations by analyzing current business needs.

Located in San Francisco, CA, Albrecht Solutions offers a complete resolution for client implementation projects, starting with the analysis of the current business processes and development of new approaches right up to training and support of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In order to meet the demands of the enterprises and the growing changes of the market, Albrecht Solutions implements new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, that comes with all needed resources and tools.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV offering either runs on-premise managed by the IT of the client or in the Azure cloud from Microsoft so that customers do not need to invest in any hardware. “We do current situation analysis of companies, design processes based on new requirements and then implementation of the actual software to the development of customer specific adjustments,” says Felix Albrecht, CEO and founder of Albrecht Solutions.

In addition to complete business software solutions, the firm provides add-ons such as an EDI module that integrates with business partners such as customers, vendors along with warehouse providers and shipping companies (especially FedEx, UPS). Another add-on is the wholesale vertical solution that allows keeping track of incoming containers in order to provide advanced order fulfillment capabilities. Albrecht Solutions caters to small and medium-sized businesses with its specialized services in business process engineering and business software. Felix states, “As a business software provider, we design and implement highly customizable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems helping other companies manage their supply chain, warehouse, sales, distribution, manufacturing and financial processes.”
Albrecht Solutions views major traction towards international organizations that have either manufacturing, sales or servicing companies in different countries. As most of these companies face problems implementing their software on a global platform, Felix believes that the main issue is that they do not have global partners and only work with local partners in each country. Hence, Albrecht Solutions caters to such firms because it has experience with global projects in almost all countries and can help companies connect with a partner on an international basis.

A key customer from the aerospace sector that is into the coating services line with nearly 40 coating centers worldwide approached Albrecht Solutions as it experienced lack of management of the service centers. Consultants from Albrecht Solutions performed project management for global implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV which included the analysis of the processes, later designing a blueprint for the global best practice process. Based on this, Albrecht Solutions developed various advanced features such as a built-in approval system to control costs or predefined test plans to ensure compliance with quality requirements and did the roll out of the system together with the best practice processes in nearly 16 countries where the client operated. The firm provided its customer with more efficient and standardized processes that could be replicated between each center. Felix says, “We provided the client with a systematic process that allowed them to simply follow it for all parts they coat such as turbine blades for an aircraft. Our client got an insight into valuable information such as the amount of time that was going into loading and unloading a coating machine or the overall process time from receiving a part until shipping it back to the customer.”

The relatively young firm plans to create bigger investment for the U.S. market and grow the number of consultants in the U.S. In the years to come, Albrecht Solutions envisions to expand its roots to Latin America.

Albrecht Solutions

Felix Albrecht, CEO and San Francisco, CA

Offers solutions for implementation projects, starting with the analysis of the current business processes and development of new approaches.