Alcero: In-a-Box Solutions to Optimize Efficiency

Danny Boulanger, Executive Vice President
The legal impacts bundled with paper and electronic documents of today’s business ecosystem calls for integrated collaboration solutions that can go beyond functionalities of software like Microsoft SharePoint. As the businesses go global, IT has to more efficiently deal with these enterprise content management needs to assure smooth workflows. Alcero, a Microsoft Certified Independent Software Vendor, helps enterprises achieve exactly this. “We build integrated business solutions with the right expertise for clients,” says Danny Boulanger, Executive Vice President, Alcero.

Alcero specializes in developing and implementing business solutions designed to increase corporate productivity, ensure compliance with various laws and regulations, and facilitate smooth content management. Founded in 1995, Alcero’s solutions enable organizations to acquire turnkey solutions. “However, during the initial days, we didn’t have a platform for evolvement as Microsoft’s solutions didn’t cover our domain of expertise, which was mainly electronic document management,” recalls Boulanger. It was in 2007, when Alcero collaborated with Microsoft to build pre-packaged solutions known as Solutions in-a-box. The company currently develops solutions for managing intranets, extranets, project management, contract management, and much more.

Alcero’s expertise has accumulated mainly into two products—Alexya and Virtualis. Alexya offers a wide range of functionalities to make up for SharePoint’s limitations in terms of enterprise content management. One of the highlighting feature of Alexya is it defines Metadata Manager at the library level and automatically map properties for SharePoint search configuration in central administration. It also transforms Microsoft Office documents in known formats. Alexya works in synchronization within SharePoint and simplifies solutions for development and deployment. Virtualis, on the other hand provides a comprehensive set of publication functionalities.
The editing interface allows users to screen reusable sections based on metadata values. It can also automatically translate reusable sections in multiple languages.

Alcero’s differentiates itself with a core focus on Microsoft technologies that always gets them upfront information in the market on new products. “Our in-a-box solutions are designed for quick implementation and customization in the enterprise IT ecosystem,” says Boulanger.

Alcero’s solutions have helped many industry majors including Goldman Sachs, Genetec, and Johnson & Johnson. For instance, the company has provided its Intranet-in-box solutions to optimize organizational efficiency of the Association of Police and Quebec Provincial Police (APPQ). There were over 8000 police officials under APPQ who were receiving a monthly basis report on reimbursement for healthcare, which were manually printed that lead to security problems. Alcero implemented the Intranet solution that enabled the police officials to access their reports electronically through the Intranet. This reduced the cost for printing all the while making the system more secure.

Our in-a-box solutions are designed for quick implementation and customization in the enterprise IT ecosystem

Talking about Alcero’s roadmap Boulanger says, “We want to provide end to end solution to our customers on application side.” Alcero is planning to opt for vertical solutions and will debut its proposal for the insurance market next year. The company also hopes to build a strong foundation in the midmarket in the near future.


Saint-Lambert, Quebec

Danny Boulanger, Executive Vice President

Provides solutions through SharePoint platform to increase corporate productivity, ensures compliance, and facilitates content management