Alethix LLC: Innovative Technologies to Achieve Mission Goals

Mamta Patil, Principal
Information technology is an integral part of any U.S. federal agency as it strives to achieve the dynamic mission and business needs successfully. Even though technology is continuously advancing, Federal CIOs are faced with business challenges such as vendor lock-in, time to market, cyber security threats and operational complexities. Alethix, a niche Information, Infrastructure Transformation (IIT) Services Company, addresses these issues by leveraging Oracle technologies and IT environment knowledge to identify and implement the solutions that best fit customer’s requirements focused within the US Federal Sector. Alethix leverages open standards and industry best practices like modular designs, cloud computing, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for resolving the situation and building an effective solution using Oracle technologies. The company leverages Oracle Database, Middleware, Cloud, Mobile and Engineered Systems to provide mission focused solutions at multiple federal agencies across National Security, Healthcare, Civilian and Defense. “Our focus is to deliver solutions driven by the mission and business needs with technologies including Oracle being the enabler of our services,” says Mamta Patil, Principal, Alethix.

The company is investing extensively in emerging trends by partnering with Oracle to training team members in the areas of cyber security, Big Data analytics, Mobility and DevOps to address the evolving needs of U.S. Federal agencies. Alethix aims to leverage Oracle products to focus on delivering niche solutions that will help resolve business and mission needs in areas such as national security, law enforcement, citizen experience, healthcare, and global supply chain. Ms. Patil asserts, “Alethix focuses on incorporating Oracle’s comprehensive product and service portfolio in order to develop expertise and differentiate our offerings.”

Agile systems design and integration based on Continuous Delivery paradigm, a service offered by Alethix, helps clients to iteratively resolve business challenges, accelerates business innovation, and improves the performance by creating opportunities. Alethix’s team has extensive experience in agile systems integration that enables organizations to make use of existing investments like infrastructure, information, and applications while enhancing interoperability between systems and increasing operational efficiency.

Our focus is to partners with our customers to deliver solutions driven by the mission and business needs with technologies including Oracle being the enabler of our services

Another service, enterprise information management, uses Oracle technologies like business intelligence, engineering systems and cloud to empower the business users across the organization with the reliable information they need to make real time strategic mission and business decisions in order to enhance performance and reduce cost. Alethix’s business intelligence solution also improves the availability of resources and applications within the organization while reducing IT costs, offering increased agility, and quickly delivering IT capabilities to meet business needs. The infrastructure experts at Alethix assist organizations with design and architecture based on industry best practices by providing reliable data center and infrastructure solutions that are effectively managed.

Besides, for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Commerce and Health and Human Services (HHS), Alethix provides information infrastructure transformation services at multiple U.S. Federal agencies that have enabled rapid deployment of new capabilities, reduced system administration resources, and hardware costs.

Alethix’s vision for the future is to invest in building our team’s expertise with Oracle products and deliver mission and business focused services for customers. Along with establishing training programs, the company has deployed cloud based lab facilities to establish standard product configurations driven by the solution needs of customers. Ms. Patil concludes by saying, “With the help of our expertise, we will empower our customers to attain success by offering those effective methodologies and tools—earning the customer’s trust by improving performance and quality of services.”

Alethix LLC

Fairfax, VA

Mamta Patil, Principal

An information, infrastructure transformation services company that leverages Oracle technologies to implement the solutions that best fit clients’ requirements