Algarytm: Introducing Design Thinking in App Development

User experience is no longer just limited to design, content creation also has a role to play in an exemplary UX. With the increase in mobile devices in a workplace due to strategies like BYOD and COPE, there is a need to remove the words “fuss and bother” when it comes to the modern user experience. With a disruptive team of design thinkers, curators and UX designers in Chicago and Dallas, Algarytm combines SAP software and mobility to provide innovative frameworks and tools. These are developed in-house with decades of expertise in product development and consulting services that center on user experience. “We provide an end-to-end solution from Design Thinking to mobile app development to SAP system integration to testing,” says Raj Peddisetty, President, Algarytm.

The company deploys its unique design thinking methodologies for determining robust digital strategies. Through the design thinking methodologies, the company discovers insights into the business processes and helps clients realize the full benefits of technology investments. With this strategy, Algarytm aims to ensure its clients a complete return on investment by increasing user adoption while reducing end-user training. Its mobile app development strategies keep evolving with the discovery of every new functional and emotional need of the end-users. “Design Thinking is slowly catching on with our customers. Once the business verticals understand the value of design thinking methodology, they will embrace it wholeheartedly,” says Mr. Peddisetty.

The company leverages cloud technology by building apps on SAP HANA. Mr. Peddisetty goes on to add, “Our customers are looking to speed up innovation and cloud offers them the flexibility, speed, and ease of maintenance.” For accelerating innovation, the firm uses Scrum methodology for project management. Being an SAP accredited Quality Program Partner, Algarytm follows SAP’s best practices on risk management. They leverage third party tools and APIs like Google’s Route Optimization API in product and app development for impressive time savings. The firm’s unique blend of product development and consulting services help eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency in many an organization.

We provide an end-to-end solution from Design Thinking to mobile app development to SAP system integration to testing

For instance, Algarytm helped a manufacturer in transforming their supply chain by mobilizing the inventory management processes. The client was able to obtain real-time information on their inventory with a reduction in errors associated with the manual entry: a process improvement that enhanced their productivity significantly. “Our client estimated that they have achieved ROI on this project by the 9th month,” says Mr. Peddisetty.

For ensuring an ultimate customer experience, Algarytm understands the business necessities at the ground level. With a clear picture of business processes and workflows, the company builds industry-specific SAP certified mobile solutions and leverages its expertise first to fix the flaws. It simplifies the procedures by automating business operations using mobile technology. “For example, our Happy Customer Mobile commerce app suggests a customer what he might need to order based on an algorithm that analyzes purchase patterns,” says Mr. Peddisetty.

Algarytm is transforming into a comprehensive digital solutions provider. They have added cloud (AWS, Azure, and SAP HANA Cloud Platform), e-commerce, and mobile commerce to their portfolio; they are also planning to incorporate API Management services and SAP Fiori/ UX analytics solutions in the near future. “We see ourselves as total business solution providers from strategy to execution, rather than as a technology solutions provider,” concludes Mr. Peddisetty.


Dallas, TX

Raj Peddisetty, President

Provides mobile strategy, project implementation, BYOD implementation through Afaria, SAP Apps & Fiori Customization, and Syclo platform customization