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Amjad Hussain, Founder & CEO
Who does not wish for an assistant like J.A.R.V.I.S. from the universe of Iron Man? One who does all the background research on ongoing projects and looks for business opportunities as well as anomalies while conversing in natural language. This is no longer a work of fiction but today’s reality where organizations can use chatbots capable of thinking independently to assist, simplify, and streamline tasks. Formerly known as Algomus Inc., is a specialist in creating bots that can assist, analyze, and answer questions—Algo.

With a focus on enterprise AI, Algo is an analytically rich AI-powered bot that expedites and simplifies supply chain operations for retail, media and entertainment, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing businesses. “With a two-dimensional approach, our team works on the horizontal capabilities of Algo and then passes it to a team that builds vertical solutions based on those capabilities, thereby expanding its versatility,” explains Amjad Hussain, founder and CEO of algo. ai. The customized solution that is finally delivered has several use cases germane to the industry it is used in and the challenges it counters. In the supply chain industry where organization deal with a significant amount of information about the product, locations, and customers, Algo is instrumental in analyzing the massive data sets and uses these to create a demand pattern for the manufacturing plant or warehouse. On the retail front, this capability makes it possible to keep shelves regularly stocked and manage the demand ahead of time by integrating with ERP and warehouse management systems.

When organizations plan to bring new products to market, Algo helps them comprehend the demand, from a national level down to individual stores and fixtures. While understanding that demand requires a blend of creativity, subject matter expertise, and meticulousness, Algo takes care of a major portion of the repetitive analytical tasks and allows its human counterparts to focus on other creative and core business responsibilities. Based on the demand, Algo helps identify viable options for manufacturers, while managing product allocation with precision. This capability minimizes shortage of stock by ensuring continuous movement of products to the market.
In parallel, Algo proves beneficial for policymakers in the software development realm. While performing simulations of possible scenarios of software to understand the potential outcomes, data is the backbone. Algo works as a perfect assistant for this task, by cleansing all the data and classifying it, providing analysts the time to do other meaningful operations. This classification of data is made possible by team Algo’s strong data strategy expertise that ensures quality data reaches the system. Additionally, when not taking action on a user command, the backend technology of Algo looks for anomalies and patterns that are relevant to an organization’s workflow.

Algo takes care of a major portion of the repetitive analytical tasks and allows its human counterparts to focus on other creative and core business responsibilities

Algo helps its users with revenue optimization, demand planning and forecasting, product introduction, and segmentation of customer, products, and location. The system analyzes the products, locations, attributes, and transactional history at a granular level with support from other pre-computed data. Algo’s ability to process natural language helps users with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive questions. This feature allows users to view previous business outcomes, monitor real-time stocks, and predict future outcomes and demand. “Supported by a free-flow based analytical inquiry with natural language feature, Algo provides actionable answers as well as visualization of the data,” affirms Hussain.

Founded in 2016 and based in Metro Detroit, works with several Fortune 500 customers globally with the support of a team comprising several data scientists and SMEs with diversified expertise. Strategizing the months ahead, Hussain plans to integrate perceptual intelligence into deep learning and implement augmented reality in the platform.


Troy, MI

Amjad Hussain, Founder & CEO

Description has created Algo, the world’s first supply chain analyst bot. Algo links Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Automation in a novel way to a specific set of industries: retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. The company’s deep domain knowledge of both technology and supply chain allows the team to rapidly train Algo on analytically rich workflows and business functions like Demand and Inventory Planning, Sales Forecasting, New Product Lifecycle Management, Assortment Optimization and more. is headquartered in metro Detroit with operations in the US and Europe