Alight Analytics: Marketing Data Aggregation Platform designed to Accelerate Marketing Performance

Matt Hertig, Co-Founder
Michelle Jacobs, an avid surfer, is patiently on the lookout to ride on top of the next big wave—irrespective of whether it’s in sea or business. The Co-Founder of Alight Analytics says, “Alight’s tools are built around collecting the disparate data residing in the silos of the marketing universe into a centralized repository which organizations can use to support their marketing strategies.” “We help organizations better utilize tools like Google Analytics to fully understand the customer decision journey as it leads to lead generation, e commerce or branding,” adds Matt Hertig, Co-Founder of Alight Analytics.

The marketing arena is replete with a deluge of data, and challenges often lie in the communication gaps that can exist between the team working on the data, and the team that uses the intelligence to make marketing decisions. Most often, marketers do not have enough knowledge about data, or data warehousing. The associated technical teams may not have in-depth knowledge about marketing to collate insightful reports. “Recognizing these gaps, we have built our data aggregation platform called ChannelMix to provide control over how data is organized and displayed,” remarks Michelle.

Hertig describes Alight as a full service marketing analytics firm. “The need is to string data together to maximize the per¬formance of marketing,” he says. Alight’s marketing analytics platform, ChannelMix, is designed to import, store, and cleanse, any kind of marketing, sales, customer, or performance data.

Alight offers three ChannelMix solutions. “The difference between the three products is based on how you want to work with the data,” adds Michelle. All the offline and online marketing data sources are aggregated into Alight’s ChannelMix Data Warehouse solution. For companies that have dedicated analytics teams, the ChannelMix Feed platform presents this cleansed, analysis-ready data in a determined frequency and structure that can be utilized easily by existing on-premise systems and processes. Companies and agencies that don’t have the infrastructure to host the data can call on the ChannelMix Self Service solution.
They’ll access their cleansed data remotely, and they’re trained by Alight’s visualization experts on Tableau Software in the real-time analysis of their own data. In the ChannelMix Full-Service platform, Alight hosts and manages the data and assists in the reporting as well. “Our full service offering is all about us creating reports for our clients and giving insights back to them,” explains Michelle.

Alight’s core competency lies in web analytics implementation. The company’s proficiency in data sciences enable clients to build very sophisticated predictive models, helping them to dive deep into planning and prediction. The in-house team also builds customized dashboards for reporting while being proficient in Tableau.

Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder
In an implementation highlight, Alight assisted a lead generation company managing 200 different websites. They wanted to attribute the number of leads generated as well as cost-effectiveness to each Channel. They also wanted to benchmark one client versus the rest, and streamline reporting and the analysis process. “We integrated all these 200 different websites into one single repository so that all data from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, other media activities, email, paid media online and offline, etc can come together in one data warehouse,” says Hertig. The client could now benchmark any company, systematically capture metrics through Google Analytics and create reports on individual customers.

Enroute to managing, monetizing and maximizing the marketing spend, the company is continually innovating its platform. “We continue to build out-of-the-box multi-channel and omnichannel modeling services to better target marketing investment and predict results,” concludes Hertig.

Alight Analytics Marketing

Kansas City, MO

Matt Hertig, Co-Founder and Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder

Helps clients make smarter marketing decisions by aggregating all marketing performance data and allowing for multiple ways to access and analyze the integrated data.