Aligned Energy: Creating Smart Infrastructure for Smart Businesses

Andrew Schaap, CEO
While considering ways to improve quality of life, problems such as traffic jams, resource depletion, pollution, and ineffective governance, are some of the primary areas or concern. Implementing smart city developments sets the stage for seamless integration of information and communication technologies, thus creating a higher probability of achieving sustainable environments.

With an understanding that smart infrastructure creates smarter businesses, Aligned Energy—an infrastructure technology company—brings to the market expertise in data centers with a focus on wholesale colocation and built-to-scale solutions for the cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers.

“The proliferation of high speed computing, including augmented reality and artificial intelligence, has created the need for adaptive data centers that can meet high, mixed and variable densities. Companies are taking a closer look at how we deliver capacity on demand along with corporate sustainability, that significantly reduces total cost of ownership and gives them a competitive advantage,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned Energy.
Befitting of its name, Aligned Energy aligns infrastructure with a client’s need which enables them to be more flexible and nimble in their engagement. With a major focus on lessening environmental impact through the sustainable development of resources by reducing the energy, water, and space needed to operate, the company’s mission is to enhance business economic performance and improve efficiency.

Aligned Energy’s data center solutions, combined with its patented cooling technology, make this possible by redefining reliability and scalability. Aligned Energy’s data centers operate with 85 percent less water which considerably reduces power usage. They deliver an industry-leading 1.15 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

We take care of both the sides of the coin—the skill, execution, and delivery as well as the effective performance of the sustainable solution

The factory-built cooling system absorbs and rejects heat directly from each enclosure which creates an efficient environment that supports high-density power configurations and reduces the risk of downtime due to technical faults.

Additionally, Aligned Energy’s colocation solution provides scalability to meet current and future industry standards for reliability, availability, and security. Diversified network connectivity with comprehensive data center solutions paves the way for rapid deployment and reliable performance.

For enterprises looking to expand into new markets, or making existing facilities more efficient, Aligned Energy’s infrastructure technology can be retro-fit into an enterprise’s existing facilities or by building a new data center based on customized specifications.

With data centers in Dallas, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City, Aligned Energy offers high-speed, diverse network connectivity with the mission of continuous improvement to deliver better, simpler, and more efficient solutions that can improve overall performance.

Aligned Energy is poised to meet substantial levels of current market demand more effectively. For the future, the company is adding mechanic and electrical proficiencies that will further increase capabilities. “We possess the ability to scale and grow based on the capacity demands of our clients and give them a totally future-proof solution,” added Schaap.

Aligned Energy

Plano, TX

Andrew Schaap, CEO

An infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and built-toscale solutions to the cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers

Aligned Energy