Alive Business Consulting (Alive BC): The Sage Solutions Implementation Experts

Javier Riaza, Yolanda Benito and Ignacio Larrucea, are Partners and members of the steering committee.
The unprecedented changes accompanied by the Covid-19 pandemic have driven businesses to find a way to ensure business continuity. As a result, the adoption of new technologies and digital transformation at all levels has been accelerated. This includes not only providing remote working to the employees but also revising the whole business model. Another relevant challenge is how to become international as a way for business expansion and risk diversification.

Enter Alive Business Consulting (Alive BC).

Alive BC is a “boutique” consultancy firm with the mission of helping companies improve their management by automatising their business processes through technology. The aim is to enable companies to make decisions with absolute freedom to reach their goals and fulfil their objectives. Alive BC’s 30 certified consultants, with a deep knowledge of digital solutions as well as business processes and proven expertise in dealing with international projects, specialises in the implementation of Sage X3 and Sage XRT. “Our tag line is “Crece sin límites” which means grow without limits. Additionally, we facilitate and support customers’ growth by providing them the right solutions for their current and future requirements,” says Javier Riaza, CEO and Partner at Alive BC.

In order to achieve this, Alive BC first listens to its customer needs crucial to make sure they fully understand the main points of the client´s requirements. “We believe that to achieve a successful implementation is required a deep knowledge of the client and its needs,” mentions Mr. Riaza. After that, the company leverages its knowledge and wide experience to look for the best way to improve and simplify its business management.

Our tag line is “Crece sin límites” which means grow without limits

Alive BC has developed its own methodology based on the experience of the team in hundreds of Sage X3 implementations in customers from different industries, sizes, and with different requirements. This agile methodology ensures fast and effective implementations, with a short to mid-term return on investment. Finally, they choose the most suitable ERP and treasury management solution for customers to enable them to grow with no limits.

What differentiates Alive BC is that they walk in its customers’ shoes and help them face their challenges and achieve their objectives. Alive BC’s churn rate is almost zero, which is the best of the entire Partner Ecosystem. Last, but not least, the management team of Alive BC comes from Sage. Therefore, they are able to train and help other Partners and know in-depth Sage’s product portfolio, roadmap, go-to-market strategy, and Partner Network. There are only three Sage Platinum Partners in Spain for Enterprise Market solutions, and Alive Business Consulting is one of them.

Due to its expertise and experience, Alive BC has been growing steadily, with a compound average growth rate of 20 percent year over year and plans to continue growing faster than its competitors. In addition to organic growth, they are also evaluating possible acquisitions. From a technology perspective, the company believes Sage is the best partner because it has a full range of business solutions for companies across all industries and segments—from local small businesses to multinational enterprises. “On top of that, Sage has a strong financial situation, innovation, and a huge installed base, which is a warranty not only for us but also for our customers. Our plan is to continue strengthening our partnership with Sage,” concludes Mr. Riaza.

Alive Business Consulting (Alive BC)

Madrid & Bilbao (Spain)

Javier Riaza, Yolanda Benito and Ignacio Larrucea, are Partners and members of the steering committee.

Specialists in the implementation of the Sage X3 business management solution and the Sage XRT treasury solution with more than 15 years of experience in both national and international projects

Alive Business Consulting (Alive BC)