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Des McNamee, Director of Sales
As a premier IBM business partner, BlueMSP has distinguished itself among the many database services as the most complete IBM centric managed database service on the market. Chief Technology Officer and two time IBM Information Management Champion award winner, Rob Williams, strives to make IBM database technology as simple to leverage as Salesforce— through the integration of mobile and web management, licensing, cloud, 24x7 personalized service and IBM powered compliance add-ons.

BlueMSP One Simple Monthly Fee Which Includes Everything

As IBM focuses around four core IBM database technologies DB2, Informix, Netezza (PureData System for Analytics), and BigInsights, our DevOps team can bring economies of scale other database service providers can’t match. A straight subscription fee includes everything from licensing, 24x7 DBA, deployments, upgrades, monitoring, and optional cloud hosting means no surprises to our clients. “Being a customer-centric organization; we offer simple monthly prices, eliminating the large overhead and consultation fees,” says Des McNamee, Director of Sales of All Blue Solutions.

Database Operations Built On Standards

As a managed database service provider, BlueMSP is a strong believer in standards to be able to easily guarantee and measure our success. “Many environments lack any formal standards for security or operations. That’s why I believe we see so many data related leaks and stability issues,” says McNamee. Leveraging CIS, DSA, or NIST as a security base for all installations gives BlueMSP clients full confidence that the best minds in the industry are laying the foundation of our managed service.

BlueMSP’s Standard Operating Procedures and heavy reliance on checklists style operations from the airline industry brings the rigor that many companies need to ensure the highest level of security and availability.

Being a customer-centric organization; we offer simple monthly prices, eliminating the large overhead fees and zero charge on consultation

IBM powered Database Compliance Security Service

To address database regulatory and industry compliance issues, BlueMSP’s Security as a Service line BlueSecurity provides monthly database compliance management for PCI, HIPAA, SOX and Data Loss Prevention. “Becoming fully compliant is a challenge for any company, especially when there are multiple security standards to be met,” says McNamee.

“Built on IBM’s Guardium security suite, our compliance team manages all the intricacies of protecting your databases and access to sensitive data on a 24x7 basis.” Unlike managed database administration services with BlueMSP, BlueSecurity is database security as a service is available for all databases on the market.

Surging Ahead

“With BlueMSP and BlueSecurity lines of business’ recent expansion into Europe and soon to open in south east Asia, it’s a strong affirmation on the value provided to our customers and the strong market reaction,” says McNamee. BlueMSP and BlueSecurity will be continuing to add more IBM software outside of databases to the company’s fully managed line of offerings as well as mainframe and iSeries support in the coming year. “This will equip clients with the competitive advantage to focus on their business while we take care of their IBM systems,” McNamee concludes.

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Des McNamee, Director of Sales

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