Allant Group,Inc: Audience Segmentation Services for Advanced Advertising

Gil Anderson, CEO
Data independent strategy and analytics has become the core of Media and Entertainment industry today. However, the challenge lies in the cooperation of the distributors and programmers to align capabilities that enable advertisers to leverage their platforms at a broader scale. The changing video consumption behavior driven by technology advancements and the increasing amount of video content has caused significant fragmentation of audiences. “Historical measurement tools are ineffective, and advertisers are demanding specificity with regard to how effectively they are reaching their audience. Meanwhile, over the top options are challenging traditional cable, satellite, and telecom distributors,” affirms Gil Anderson, CEO, Allant Group. With Advanced TV advertising software as an answer to these pain points, Allant, a Naperville, IL based company offers audience based Advanced TV software, data products and backend measurement across formats. “The good news is—it’s proven, it works, it delivers advertisers a more effective cost per thousand (CPM) and ad sellers premium rates,” says Anderson.

The company’s primary offering is a SaaS product— Audience Interconnect®. For ad sellers, the company provides this software to leverage a unified platform across data sources. This enables ad sales research teams to define audience segments, prioritize them,and view media rankers for non-household addressable media and then convert to cross format campaigns like video on demand (VOD) or online video. For ad buyers of Advanced TV, the company’s goal is to be the easy button that enables a common audience definition to be expressed across multiple distributors at scale and then measured accurately.

Allant provides audience segmentation services around use cases by industry that are most relevant for advanced advertising. For instance, this includes audience segments that are regularly updated based on trigger events relevant to insurance companies or automotive for reaching audiences “in market”within a given window.

Allant’s data independent strategy and analytics is core to their services as they provide the common audience segment definitions, predictive power, and standard channel attribution and measurement.
Allant works closely with most of the leading TV distributors today and collectively as a group. The company helps them achieve a greater degree of efficiency in addition to increasing the research value they can provide to the customers. The company has also recently introduced a powerful first party solution for display advertising—Advanced Digital Insight that provides an incredible ROI, both in efficiency and effectiveness, all driven by analytics around customers.

Allant has also introduced multi-distributor data standardization and privacy safe processing which leaves sensitive data behind distributor firewalls. Non-SQL big data technology was deployed to scale the platform to its current production levels of 4+ petabyte of storage, with nearly 10MM homes and 20MM devices reporting daily. In addition, the company has invested in a number of key technology and analytics innovations. “On the technology side, we developed the processing and storage environment for the largest set top box processing environment in the industry,” extols Anderson. On the analytics side, Allant has developed and continues to enhance a set of standardized processes and methodologies called Audience Verify methodology.

The good news is—it (Audience Interconnect®) is proven, it works, it delivers advertisers a more effective cost per thousand (CPM) and ad sellers premium rates

Our roadmap is driven by the evolution of industry standard data management platform (DMP) and analytics methodology for TV and premium video online. We would continue to work towards generating planning insight, and reporting on true campaign reach frequency across platforms and national TV network programmers,” concludes Anderson.

Allant Group,Inc

Naperville, IL

Gil Anderson, CEO

A provider of Advanced TV advertising software, data products and analytic driven marketing and advertising services.