AllClearID: Avant-garde Data Breach Response Services

Bo Holland, CEO
There is no end to the inventory of security products, capabilities, and staffing that enterprises invest in. But, the truth is, subsequent to these investments, organizations have still been breached! Bo Holland, CEO and Founder, AllClearID, explicates how the company makes sense and responds to such emergencies.

We roll the company’s investments to a side wherein resiliency and response resides. Resultantly, we deliver superior response to breaches, nullify the harm to enterprise’s customers through vigorous communication, provide victims with identity protection, and mitigate executive loss.

During an attack, customers become the victims of fraud with risks of stolen identities, credit files, and bank records. Forthwith, they need to be informed regarding the situation and the company’s retort towards it.

The challenge is when the company hires us for aid, we need to marshal the resources, bring the news out, and ensure we have the capacity to respond in a short period of time.

A vital part of the challenge was solved when we introduced the Reserved Response program. It provides an opportunity for companies to plan, and reserve the capacity and manpower that they need to respond to a data breach.

Addressing Market Gravity

Companies are collecting more data than ever before. Enterprises hold on to multitude of social security numbers, email addresses, credit card details, usernames, and passwords, intending to provide high-quality service, which also develops into a liability. When we deal with data breaches, we ensure that customer and customer relationship remains primary. AllClearID recognizes the need to deliver unsound news with utmost forethought and quality to ensure that customers experience a sense of security.

AllClearID counters cyberattacks established on three stages of breach—Pre-Breached, Active Breach and Post Breach. In the first stage, we prepare to respond with an organized team and a plan that incorporates usage of resources. In the second stage, we launch the devised plan and perform to preserve customer satisfaction, and the company’s integrity.

AllClearID counters cyber attacks established on three stages of breach— Pre-Breached, Active Breach and Post Breach

In the third phase, anything associated with customer damage, lawsuits and business continuity is resolved. Likewise, improvements in defenses and responses are made.

Our Unique Stratagem

The first facet is customer communication where we explain the customers about the incident and the service that we provide. The next facet is identity protection services which provides monitoring of any illicit practice using the stolen identity followed by a warning to the customer in the event of identity theft. Identity repair service, the final facet, wherein any damage caused to the customer due to data breach will be resolved and repaired.

Unfolding Identity Crux

AllClear Identity Repair solution enables us to perform a 360-degree identity scan to look at all possible types of fraud that can occur, detect any crime attempted on the respective identity, resolve and turn the process to ensure that the person’s identity reaches its pre-fraud state. The most vital aspect is that the consumer needs to contact us to activate the service.

Nucleus of Innovation

Formerly, during a breach, to avail a response service, the victims had to sign-up first and ironically share the personal information, which was just stolen. We took on this problem, and four years ago introduced a program called Proactive Breach Response. Now, the customer need not go through the hassle of disclosing identity or work in terms of sign-ups, but use our service directly. This pushed us to the lead in the market.

We will continue to work on our customer service and on our preparedness to respond to global events and stay ahead of the pack.


Austin, TX

Bo Holland, CEO

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