allConnex: Delivering Consistent Cloud Consulting Advocacy

Steve King, Managing Partner
allConnex’s boardroom radiates a bustle of energy as Steve King and Jamie Kuzman, the managing partners of the firm draw a “Comparative Analysis Model” for quantitative and qualitative analysis against its client’s existing infrastructure and bandwidth. They are engaged with their executive team in a back-and-forth ideation process to understand the client’s vision and find the perfect service provider. After hours of focused deliberation and work with allConnex engineers, hardware vendors, and client IT staff, what gets developed is a network solution, amalgamating multiple network designs and phases of deployment relative to corporate growth. Next, the firm uses the Comparative Analysis Model to help the client choose best-fit providers relative to the design and network strategy that is chosen.

At a time when most cloud consulting conglomerates get involved in endowing consultancy services without even considering the vision of the company or the criticality of its application, it is a rarity to come across a firm such as allConnex that delivers services based on a full technology assessment of the clients’ needs and landscape. Setting a new paradigm in the cloud consulting landscape, the firm provides its expertise and guidance for a company from the conception phase of a cloud project to switch-over and beyond. As allConnex’s client, Rich Giurleo, the Director of IT of QuickPivot says, “allConnex played a vital role in successfully distributing our telecommunications services. Thanks to their expert advice and support, we have managed to cut costs and improve the redundancy of our mission-critical networks.”

As a collaborative technology consultant, the firm employs an approach that guides its delivery of services and framework for all the 60 carriers that allConnex is associated with. “Our approach assures that we not only provide actionable recommendations to our clients, but we also see through the decision-making and execution phases of our projects,” states King. allConnex operationalizes an in-depth technical and business analysis of its clients’ existing network and infrastructure which is followed by a comparative analysis of existing terms and commitments.

Our approach assures that we not only provide actionable recommendations to our clients, but we also see through the decision-making and execution phases

Next, the firm comprehends the future corporate vision of its client and builds network designs and deployment stages. The subsequent step commences with allConnex reaching out to the carriers to educate on the design and run full-fledged operation of communications with vendors. The firm also assists the carrier in streamlining and aggregating all communication from multiple vendors and escalating processes on their behalf. Further, redundancy options embedded into the design are also checked by allConnex to ensure network stability. The result is a productive relationship as the firm serves as a liaison between its clients and service providers.

Built on a mission to provide expert knowledge, unbiased consultation, and consistent advocacy, allConnex has been in the consulting business since 2002 and has witnessed substantial changes in the cloud landscape. “We see more application-driven environments, with clients moving out of independent collocation service providers,” adds King. The firm has transitioned itself from a traditional telco to an IT-driven service provider and serves by leveraging its relationships with service providers to broker excellence in pricing and service.

With over 1000 clients, 90 sub-agents and 60 carrier partners, the firm also has two independent divisions that deliver consulting expertise in the energy space and also plays the role of a carrier that can customize the products according to the clients’ demands. In the near future, allConnex aims to expand its sales on the agent and direct side, and continue to grow.


North Attleboro, MA

Steve King, Managing Partner and Jamie Kuzman, Managing Partner

The mission of allConnex is to build enduring and productive relationships with businesses by serving as a liaison between them and service providers