Allegro: Managing Positions, Optimizing Portfolios, and Mitigating Risk

Michael Hinton, CCO & Senior VP, Products & Solutions
The utility industry is facing an increased demand from their customers, shareholders, and regulators to efficiently manage assets at the lowest cost and to handle logistics and operations with minimized risks and improved profitability. Also, the need for an integrated solution to manage the en- tire life cycle of the system has become critical for companies operating in the utility space. Established in 1984, Allegro specializes in providing broad set of commodity risk management solutions to meet the requisites that help utility companies manage business operations and logistics cost-efficiently. The company’s flexible solution platform integrates risk management, trading, logistics, and compliance functionalities needed to effectively reduce uncertainty and exposure, as business volumes accelerate and mar- gins expand.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Allegro’s solutions span multiple commodity types, including petroleum, natural gas, power, and coal. The company offers a single integrated platform for commodity trading which allows organizations to have a sole system record that streamlines business processes across all departments.“Our commodity trading and risk management software is designed to deliver the fastest realization of business objectives,” states Michael Hinton, CCO and Senior VP, Products and Solutions, Allegro Development. “We provide end- to-end support for all business prospects from the point of production to the point of consumption for commodities,” he adds. This helps organizations to under- stand and quantify the risk throughout the entire process.

Allegro’s power and utility solution brings flexibility and functionality that helps organizations effectively man- age their business, from trade capture to confirmation, with the ability to support the required parameters for virtually any electric power product including energy, transmission capacity and ancillary ser- vices. In addition, the solution handles hourly and sub-hourly scheduling, patching, full position support beyond trade positions, and a full spectrum of position quantity status.
It also offers users full support for multiple currencies and the ability to schedule across time zones for global trading activity.

The company differentiates itself by the adaptability of their software and the internal capability to integrate and communicate with their customers. “At Allegro, we understand the market and the dynamics associated with the industry which allow us to quickly adopt and pro- vide great solutions that drive value for the customers,” claims Hinton.

Our commodity trading and risk management software is designed to deliver the fastest realization of business objectives

Since inception, Allegro has been helping companies achieve the desired result by its best-of-the-breed solutions and services. For instance, Caltex, a lead- ing transport fuel supplier and convenience retailer utilized Allegro to create a solution around optimizing and man- aging their risk across the supply chain that saved them huge amount of money. In this case, Caltex was able to basically achieve $40 million per year in cost savings through the implementation of the Allegro solution.

Moving forward, Allegro aims to drive forward in the area of decision sup- port and enhance its product line. “We are also looking at coupling our products with the tools that will be built around optimization from building assets to port- folios,” says Hinton. “This will allow the clients to make better decisions which in turn will help us improve the core functionality across the entire utility sector that we operate in,” he concludes. By 2015, Allegro plans to provide training to its customers to maintain knowledge of what Allegro has for them and help them get more value through the software associated with that.


Dallas, TX

Michael Hinton, CCO & Senior VP, Products & Solutions

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