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Jeff Kushner, CMO
The rapidity of change in regulations coupled with unanticipated disruptions in the global marketplace activates a seemingly endless volley of risks that can severely damage an organization’s business. Today, most organizations are short on labor or budget to implement hi-tech automated solutions and instead resort to the use of error-prone manual methods to manage risk, compliance, and security.“ Our founders saw the need to bridge the technology gap between chaotic spreadsheets and complicated solutions by creating Allgress,” says Jeff Kushner, CMO at Allgress. “The goal was to create an automated solution that was easy to use and implement with completely integrated assessment, workflow, incident management, out-of-the-box integration with existing solutions and visual communications.

Founded in 2008, Allgress has been simplifying the complexity compliance and risk professionals experience inassessing and managing corporate risks faced by a firm irrespective of its size. The company ships a library of solutions to align with various industry standards and regulations so that compliance stakeholders and security professionals can make informed investment decisions that align with top business priorities. The company helps business leaders within the organization by giving them an automated approach that continuously provides the risk intelligence they need. The Allgress Business Risk Intelligence solutions converge disparate risk silos across global enterprise networks and automate the entire governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) management processes. Powered by the patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence engine, the company’s solutions and reporting tools provide customers with heat maps and compliance assessment reports that reveal a holistic view of their organizations’ security and compliance risk posture. The company’s quick deployment of their solutions ensures rapid business value resulting in quicker time-to-value, which ultimately means identifying and responding to risk quicker.

The modules can be deployed separately or as an integrated solution to provide insights into a specific area of concern or a comprehensive view of risk, security, and regulatory compliance across the organization’s global network.

Allgress helps business leaders within the organization by giving them an automated approach that consistently provides business risk intelligence

This allows a firm to deploy the solution based on their maturity and needs, as it is seamlessly scalable in case of future expansions.

In one instance, an Allgress’ renowned client required a solution to measure policy exceptions and non-compliance to regulations, along with adherence to third-party vendor requirements. After the implementation of Allgress Insight Risk Manager,the client was able to manage the governance of risk, security,and compliance from a single console accessible via web or mobile devices in hours instead of days. The client could also measure vendor compliance to regulations and automate the attestation process for policy compliance across stakeholders and other employees or contractors.

“Our easy-to-use portal allows the customer to decide whether they require security, compliance, or risk management without any onsite hardware or software— this is one major differentiator for us,” elucidates Kushner. “ It is almost like flicking a light switch and getting a visual representation on a single dashboard with a few mouse clicks to know the current scenario with regards to security compliance or risk and decide what steps to take if any.”

As companies move to hosted environments in the cloud, the Allgress solution also enables them to monitor their shared security controls, configuration and compliance posture while pinpointing the present security efficiencies with incessant updates over time. “Every customer has unique risk management needs and so the solutions they deploy really have to achieve time-to-value without requiring an army of consultants,” extols Kushner. The firm is concentrating on enhancing their offerings in the coming months with plans to further automate forrapid security, compliance, and risk management.

Allgress, Inc

Livermore, CA

Jeff Kushner, CMO

Provider of risk intelligence solutions that allow security and compliance professionals to efficiently manage their risk posture

Allgress, Inc