Alliance IT: Shortening Time-To-Market with Local Resources Planning

CIO VendorUttam Polkampalli, President
In the ever changing landscape of the IT industry, the challenges are tremendous and it is important to stay updated. Hence, there is a need for companies which understand their clientele and the industry. Alliance IT believes to be ahead of the rest owing to its indepth knowledge and expertise in data analysis, business intelligence, amongst others.

Founded by a team of experienced IT professionals, the company has grown to cater to varied industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing and finance. Its client base boosts of Fortune 500 companies too. Uttam, the COO of Alliance IT says that their strength lies in recognizing the newer technologies and their implementation. He believes that the company is able to anticipate the customer’s needs preparing its resources accordingly to meet demands. The key pain points of the industry seem to be the understanding of the needs of the customers and managing the resources, especially human resources well. This is precisely what, the COO feels sets them apart from many others in the industry.

Strengthening its Core
Alliance IT is looking at strengthening its services and solutions such as Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Business Performance Management and Data Warehousing and Data Mining to make a huge impact. With IT services becoming the order of the day and the demand for big data sees a rise, its target is any industry that wants to look into data analysis; and it is as varied as banking, finance and education. A company which uses social media can be leveraged with and Alliance IT sees opportunities to serve the businesses.
The company has had a promising growth over the last four years and would definitely like to maintain the same over the next few owing to its expertise in technology and encouraged by similar trends in the industry. Currently serving North America, the company wants to gradually shift focus to the Asia Pacific region, which it finds very promising. It sees a lot of potential in insurance, pharmaceutical, education and many more developing sectors in the region.

Alliance IT believes to be ahead of the rest owing to its in-depth knowledge and expertise in data analysis, business intelligence, amongst others

A Promising Future
The future looks promising too. According to the its estimate, the company is expected to increase its revenue by 25 percent year on year over the naext three to four years, while looking at expanding the customer base by fifteen to twenty percent. A quick glance around could reveal the encouraging growth in the sector, propelled by the increase in demand across industries. With its vision on developing markets, the company looks to expand its horizon and offer varied services to a large number of companies cutting across industry lines.

Alliance IT

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