Alliance Pointe, LLC: A Comprehensive Look at Digital Transformation

Brigitte R. Blackburn and Debi E. Crockett, Managing Partners
Undoubtedly, digital transformation is the buzz phrase of the decade. Almost every business, irrespective of its size or specialty, has either considered or implemented innovative strategies to drive competitive advantage. However, not every digital transformation delivers the expected results or realizes the objectives.

An organization’s inability to identify and manage all essential elements a digital transformation puts successful outcomes at risk. Businesses often place a siloed emphasis on data and technology without considering the corresponding changes needed to an organization’s practices, structures, processes, and the attention on proactively managing the associated changes.

The team at Alliance Pointe understands the significance of finding answers to the questions such as how does the data transformation support the business strategy? How will current governance practices, and business processes and procedures need to change? Do our project teams have the competencies and frameworks needed to manage the transformation? Are changes to our organizational structure needed? How does our culture enable or inhibit the change?

Most organizations struggle to transform their IT systems and data in parallel with changes to their enterprise architecture, governance practices, business processes, operational practices, and IT project team competencies. That is where Alliance Pointe lends a helping hand. Brigitte Blackburn and Debi Crockett, managing partners of Alliance Pointe, LLC, say that a successful digital transformation effort requires an enterprise-level solution that starts with understanding the organization’s business strategy and goals in relation to the digital transformation objectives. Their proven framework is then used to assess all the dimensions of the digital transformation, deliver actionable and measurable plans, and guide project teams, sponsors, and executives through the lifecycle of the transformation. “We bring the ability to identify the root cause of an obstacle to progress and provide an integrated solution that considers all dimensions of the situation; strategic, operational, legislative, political, and best practice,” said Crockett.

The first step is to help an organization to see itself, where it is in relationship to its digital transformation goals and objectives and identify what might get in the way of accomplishing them. At the start of each client engagement, Alliance Pointe conducts a comprehensive analysis of the transformation goals and objectives in relation to the current enterprise architecture, executive and stakeholder alignment, governance practices, business processes and other factors. The team engages executives and senior leaders in the organization to understand their point of view about the organization’s goals and what obstacles they might or have faced in achieving them.

After a comprehensive assessment, the team provides a report on the findings, along with an actionable and measurable plan to remove identified obstacles and corresponding risk response recommendations.
Blackburn said, “recommendations often include updates to current governance practices, strengthening executive alignment, providing training to project teams, strengthening risk, portfolio, and enterprise management practices, or more actively engaging their stakeholders to play a meaningful role in the transformation.”

We bring the ability to identify the root cause of an obstacle to a successful digital transformation and provide an actionable, measurable, and integrated solution

Another critical element that Alliance Pointe emphasizes is the organization’s readiness for the digital transformation. When implementing a digital transformation effort, organizations need to determine what is needed to be sure they are ready to implement and sustain all dimensions of the transformation. Alliance Pointe develops, implements, and monitors ‘Organizational Readiness Plans’ that prepare all layers of the organization, its stakeholders, and the program team chartered to lead and manage it.

Alliance Pointe has completed transformation assessments and plans for numerous clients and program teams. Their efforts positioned their clients for success in highly visible, at-risk digital transformations. In one instance, Alliance Pointe served as a trusted advisor and strategic program management office for a Department of Defense executive, his senior executive staff, and all internal and external stakeholders to realize the productivity benefits enabled by their recently modernized technology. The integrated solution balanced the inherent tension between the people/organization, process, data, and technology domains of change. Their proven framework structured the questions, considerations, and actions needed to anticipate and address obstacles along the way and deliver the results required.

Alliance Pointe’s transformation framework and services integrates multiple disciplines of enterprise transformation (e.g., strategic, legislative, operational, and cultural) to produce the required outcomes for their clients including using numerous best practice studies, market surveys and lessons learned to inform their decision-making process throughout the programs’ lifecycle.“Our transformation framework, experience and library of best practices always come to work along with us and the capabilities we bring to our clients,” says Blackburn.

These capabilities, coupled with its customer-centric approach and institutional knowledge, have helped them retain their customers for the 12+ years, even during the pandemic. By looking at the bigger picture and understanding the business, functional, and technical requirements of each project, they can help their clients identify and realize the benefits of their investments. Alliance Pointe seeks to continually educate the market about how digital transformations can be done successfully with a proven framework to reduce risks and achieve success.

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Brigitte R. Blackburn and Debi E. Crockett, Managing Partners

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