Allyis: Providing Managed Services for Accelerated Results

Manish Samadarshi, COO
The relevant technologies that are transforming the IT environments today—cloud or tools for automation and internet management are definitely helpful but the support of technology depends largely on its utilization,” expresses Manish Samadarshi, COO, Allyis. This approach led to the very foundation of Allyis—provider of technology, consulting, and managed services in the areas of web and SharePoint development, project and program management, where the focus is more on processes rather than technology. However, observing the momentum of technological advancements, the company does not compromise on using the latest IT technologies with new or existing tools to help its customers.

Manish cites that the company has implemented cloud solutions across different clients and domains and not just used it for reporting or to accumulate required data. Beyond cloud technology, Allyis has executed a hybrid model of big data utilization and mobile web technologies. The company largely provides service offerings to a range of companies but has been most influential with small and medium size companies who have the necessary licenses but lack appropriate solutions to make their lives simpler through the application of technology. In such scenarios, the company steps in its clients’ ecosystem and understands their IT environment to provide effective services. “We help our customers use readily available cutting edge tools to lower the total cost of ownership on their IT/ Engineering or Digital Marketing initiatives,” says Manish. The company provides assistance in transforming the on-prem server based systems to cloud, and implementation of Office 365 to help clients optimize the tools available to them today. Though Allyis’ core competency is in service offerings, the company often develops customized products as a part of its offerings.

The company’s services revolve around several key pillars, support engineering space, where Allyis’ team works with customers on ensuring 24 / 7 / 365 uptime, core engineering, which includes app development, web development, mobile and big data and digital marketing and content where they work with their clients on MarCom strategy, Content development, editing, publishing, etc.

Across each of the different areas Allyis focuses on, one thing that is common is how the teams are structured.

We help our customers use cutting edge tools that are already available in the market to help decrease the cost of ownership of hardware or software piece of the business

The team composition is divided into a triangular hierarchy with solution architect at the top. The middle layer includes strong developers, testers and delivery managers, and the bottom layer engages a ‘Greenshore model’—a layer that utilizes smart but comparatively less experienced engineers or content developers, etc.

The Greenshore model in itself is a revolutionary process of building project teams in an urban setting that effectively compete with offshore teams on cost and onshore teams on productivity. This mix delivers the vision that the clients have in their minds about what a project team needs to deliver.

In many successful stories, the company has helped organizations to drop the team size and increase productivity, in a cost effective fashion. To cite an instance, one of the Allyis’s customers was involved in content production and content publication but it was done in hourly manner, which slowed down the productivity levels. The client needed a solution which could increase the number of content titles that are uploaded online. Allyis aided the client by inspecting their existing documentation and tools, and undertaking the responsibility of all their deliverables. As a result, the company was able to raise the production of titles from 7,000 to 21,000 titles a month.

Marching ahead, Allyis plans to triple its work force in next three years. “We are keen about learning new and different technologies and we look forward to the grand success of our ‘Greenshore model’,” concludes Samadarshi.


Kirkland, WA

Manish Samadarshi, COO

Provider of technology, consulting, and managed IT services in the areas of Digital Marketing, Service Engineering and Core Engineering