Almawave: Using Composite AI to Maximize Business Processes

Raniero Romagnoli, CTO
A substantial amount of unstructured data in organizations is unused. Companies can filter out relevant data from this clutter and use it for business intelligence that enable variety of business processes. Providing such expertise is Almawave.

Almawave is a digital transformation and big data services company with over 12 years of experience and an Italian player in artificial intelligence. Almawave builds proprietary technologies for natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, knowledge graph, dialogue management, omnichannel communication, machine learning, data access, location intelligence, and geographical information systems, in order to build products, platforms and solutions for information governance and natural interaction with technology in complex environments.

Conversational AI is the field where Almawave expressed its full potential noted by both clients and market analysts. Its solution was recently listed among top two vendors by year-over-year growth rate and it is applied to ease communication in highly regulated and complex situation such as government-citizen interaction, like in the case of Italian National Social Security Institute (INPS).

“Our approach to Conversational AI is two-fold. On one hand our solutions guarantee understanding the needs and behaviour and on the other hand communicating the correct and appropriate answer retrieved automatically from internal and external knowledge bases, through variety of speech and text-based channels,” says Raniero Romagnoli, CTO of Almawave.

In this view, Almawave is giving for granted the language understanding capabilities and puts focus on design and integration that includes advanced search to automatically retrieve relevant information and transforming the information into an answer. “Conversational AI for us is a search system that continues to talk,” adds Raniero Romagnoli.

The latest Almawave’s innovation is its AI Platform – the AIWave.

AIWave is made up of AI Bricks – technology, tools, models, and capabilities packaged in purpose-based AI Boxes, which can be used to construct tailored solutions for businesses. With the all-inclusive AI Boxes, a developer can build anything ranging from accessing, organizing, and analyzing data (including written and spoken data), to automating the interaction between people: customers, employees, citizens, and systems or data.
AIWave has Composite AI at its core, combining different symbolic and statistical AI techniques like machine learning and deep learning with reasoning and knowledge graphs in order to guarantee best user experience as well as transparency and explainability. Such approach allows to shorten the timeto-value for consumers and AI adopters.

AIWave is a result of 10 plus years of experience and re-engineering into micro-services based on cloud-native architecture of two pre-established product suites: Iride and Audioma. Iride helps with natural interaction and information management, while Audioma administers transcription, subtitling, and machine translations.

While AI Bricks and AI Boxes are solutions for developers who can assemble applications using the micro-services, AI Easy are ready-to-use AI-infused applications to automate specific business processes and to amplify businesses through natural language. The end user needs to select a solution that solves his business problems, configure AI Easy, and start using it.“The AIWave Platform and especially the AI Easy is our way towards democratization of AI, making it accessible not only to large enterprises and governments but also to SMEs,” comments Raniero Romagnoli.

Conversational AI for us is a search system that continues to talk

Besides its technology and products, Almawave provides data services consisting in application of strategies and methodologies in big data, and designs of architecture for digital transformations to support its B2B customers.

One of Almawave’s customers includes the Judiciary of the Republic of Tanzania, who entrusted Almawave with the transcription and translation in court proceedings. PerVoice, an Almawave Group company, translates and transcribes from Swahili to English and vice versa, with spoken language identification feature to enable a seamless process.

The collaboration was supported by Confindustria Assafrica and Mediterraneo, the industrial Association representing Italian companies operating in Africa and the Middle East, the Embassy of Tanzania in Italy, and the Embassy of Italy in Tanzania.

Almawave’s dedication to its customers highlights its experience and growth in the industry, and it has already expanded to South America, North America, the UK. It was listed in the Euronext Growth Stock Market, and other organizations have joined hands on its vision and mission through M&As. Almawave envisions growing into the most important European artificial intelligence and data company and is looking to broaden its horizons with a technological vision and transformation in the AI market.


Rome, Italy

Raniero Romagnoli, CTO

Almawave is a leader in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. It provides products and services in the field of AI. Some of its products include Audioma, Iride, and its newest products, AIWave and AI Easy