AlphaCM: Solutions Built to Serve Behavioral Healthcare Sector

Kevin Ennis, CEO
Amidst the tight laws and regulations, Healthcare sector in the U.S. is on a fasttrack. With new technologies ugmenting the connected care system, payers, providers and patients are experiencing the benefits in multiple ways. But amidst all this, Kevin Ennis, CEO of AlphaCM points out a major discrepancy: “Behavioral Healthcare has been underserved for a long time—with small investments and least or no attention paid by large technology companies—the providers and patients in this area are left without sufficient tools that is having a direct impact on care coordination.”AlphaCM is trying to fill this gap by providing Mental Health Providers and Managed Care Organizations with quality client management, billing products and services.

Headquartered in Wilmington, NC, AlphaCM offers an innovative solution, AlphaFlex, a behavioral health EHR software for behavioral health providers across the United States. Service providers in mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities fields can easily manage billing systems with AlphaFlex. The company’s management system accumulates, synchronizes, and simplifies the entire process by reducing data entry time, that leads to faster submissions and approvals of claims. With years of hands-on technical and management expertise, AlphaCM has designed the software to suit the needs of the industry. “Our EHR system with full workflow as well as managed billing services allows clients to do assessments, tracking, synchronization with Medicaid, Medicare and other payers seamlessly,” says Ennis.

AlphaCM successfully handles multiple electronic payers, billing, posting payments, and denials for mental health providers with their technical expertise and domain knowledge required for increasing their productivity. Meanwhile, on the payers side, the company assists its customers in processing more than $2 billion a year, covering more than 1.3 million ‘eligibles.’ “Our cost-effective services are easy to use and flexible so that the transactions are quickly processed between payers and providers, to ensure a continuous flow in providing effective care,” claims Ennis.
Adding to this, the solutions are HIPAA certified and compliant, meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements.

The company is trying to secure straight deals with their clients by leveraging cloud based platform solutions. This easy accessibility has eliminated the barriers of physical presence to acquire data from remote offices and hospitals and also improve the care coordination. “Because of this, we find more traction from telemedicine,” Ennis continues, “wherein physicians can reach the patients online who are sitting at home or any location.”

AlphaCM’s constant strive for innovation to cover the needs of the healthcare industry has benefitted its clients in a huge way. In one such instance, the company helped a client that was responsible for managing medicare funds for more than 200,000 eligibles. The client was facing trouble handling authorized information of payment funds while coordinating with payment providers and reporting to the state government. AlphaCM’s SaaS system that was deployed in a short span of time allowed the client to easily manage and sort out payment issues, which led to an increase in timeliness of payments. In addition, the client’s operational team saw significant improvements in their work system and productivity.

With heavy investments in new technology projects, AlphaCM is potentially moving into new areas like Healthcare Kiosks. “Our future expansion is in R&D for new ideas and ways to bring out flexible solutions for business needs that will combinedly work toward higher productivity in the market,” concludes Ennis.

Our future expansion in R&D for new ideas and ways to bring out flexible solutions for business needs that would simply work with higher productivity in the market


Wilmington, NC

Kevin Ennis, CEO

A provider of client management or billing products and services to mental health providers and managed care organizations.