AlphaLit: Healthy Skepticism for Reformed eDiscovery

Brian Wolfinger, VP-Technology and CISO
Data accumulated by corporations requires esoteric eDiscovery approaches. Brian Wolfinger, VP of Technology and CISO, LDiscovery the parent company of AlphaLit, challenges the latest trends by questioning the ‘well-established’ concepts in the IT world. From his early work experience as a Detective and Sergeant in the Philadelphia Police Department, to his present day role in fast growing eDiscovery company, Wolfinger has extensive experience in assisting law firms, Fortune 1000 corporations and governmental agencies with their eDiscovery endeavors.

Take cloud computing as one example where Wolfinger challenges the current viewpoints. When every other CIO is enamored with having a cloud-enabled workspace, Wolfinger remarks, “the spread of cloud-computing adoption is a challenge in eDiscovery. From where we sit 'the cloud' is just someone else's computer(s).” The ever-increasing volume of data in corporations continues to challenge both law firms and eDiscovery vendors. “Both corporations and law firms are challenged by the exponential growth of data and the need for security to protect this data” says Wolfinger. The unique nature of eDiscovery, a combination of data mining, services, and analytics, poses a conundrum for those who think the cloud can solve their eDiscovery problems.

For the past 25 years AlphaLit has revolutionized how law firms navigate discovery. “We invested early and often in people and built technology to stay ahead of the pack,” informs Wolfinger. “Having extensive knowledge and experience across a myriad of domains allows us to evolve readily with the industry.”

The company’s culture dictates that employees proactively seek opportunities for improvement in all areas. By empowering employees, AlphaLit chose the ‘road less travelled’ when they chose to build a development team to create and support the company’s eDiscovery technology; software to perform defensible collections, a powerful processing engine, and several exclusive add-ons to kCura’s Relativity review platform.
“That choice of the road less-travelled has placed us in a position where we have full control over our processes across the Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM),” states Wolfinger. “In doing so, we are able to offer a true attorney-provider partnership with more economical solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs.”

Having extensive knowledge and experience across a myriad of domains allows us to evolve readily with the industry

Remote Collection Manager (RCMgr), one of the offerings of AlphaLit, is a comprehensive self-collection suite. RCMgr gives AlphaLit’s clients more flexibility in getting their data collected. “Addition-ally, our ECA (Early Case Assessment) platform provides search term vetting, data reduction, and case planning, while our custom analytics and email threading platforms save clients’ money over typical COTS solutions. In addition, Relativity add-ons like our PrivLog Builder, Multi- Matter Management, and Auto-Redaction tools are all built and tuned by us, and improved based on clients’ needs and feedback,” states Wolfinger.

AlphaLit is growing along with the changes in the technology arena, which Wolfinger points out, is an evolutionary process rather than a seismic one. “The LDiscovery companies are well suited to remain at the top of the industry for a long time,” asserts Wolfinger. “Our investments in infrastructure, security, personnel, and development paint a picture of a very bright future. We will continue to acquire well-regarded firms in our space that share our passion and culture, and will continue to provide our customers the answers and solutions that they seek, versus the answers and solutions that the market tells them they need."


McLean, VA

Brian Wolfinger, VP-Technology and CISO

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