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Stephen Moore, Vice President
Maturing big data technologies are opening doors for organizations to enhance their information management and analytical capabilities. At the same time, enterprises are overwhelmed with the variety of options available finding it difficult to adopt a relevant big data strategy. “Many of our customers are looking for guidance in developing a strategy and embracing appropriate tools to fulfill their respective needs,” says Stephen Moore, VP, AlphaSix Corporation. Addressing these challenges, AlphaSix Corporation—a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), provides technical knowledge and assistance to chart an effective path for achieving business goals utilizing big data tools. The company implements and integrates the technologies that comprise the Hadoop ecosystem into use cases that illustrate the value of putting all your data to work presenting you with unique business insights. “We are an end-to-end company that delivers hardware and software, facilitates product installation, and develops systems to assist and initiate big data pilots,” adds Moore.

With the end objective of utilizing big data to provide useful information, AlphaSix partners with visualization vendors to enable analysts to gain visual insights from data analysis. “We utilize the capabilities of these tools to present useful information while creating simple data visualization dashboards,” cites Moore. The company also incorporates Apache Spark, which is a processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and analytics. Using the power of Spark, AlphaSix aims to provide previously disjoint big data development capabilities—SQL processing, machine learning, and streaming, within a unified framework. “We are also helping customers use Hadoop ecosystem tools like Hive and Drill. We are able to utilize various big data technologies in conjunction with Hadoop for analysts to perform queries with ease,” adds Moore.

AlphaSix’s framework combines all the technological advancements of Hadoop with state-of-the-art visualization tools which can then be applied to numerous domain areas like cyber security and fraud detection. Today, cybersecurity is the concern of every customer and Moore believes that big data technologies provide the means to improve the monitoring and detection capabilities of organization’s existing tools against external and insider threats.
“We apply the technologies of machine learning and visualization within the big data framework to help gain more significant insights from security relevant data at both scale and speed,” explains Moore. The company is focused on building supplemental technology that can take organizations’ threat detection capabilities to the next level, identifying potential breaches that may be lost in the noise using current techniques. AlphaSix also employs these technologies for fraud detection by identifying anomalous behavior within user’s buying patterns or detecting distribution chain irregularities in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. “Our framework collects data from multiple sources, reports anomalous activities, and aids organizations efficiently and effectively identifying areas for concern,” says Moore.

We apply the technologies of machine learning and visualization within the big data framework to help gain more significant insights from security relevant data at both scale and speed

The company’s framework can be implemented in multiple discrete fields comprised of vast amounts of data that currently overwhelm an organization’s analytic procedures. “Our solutions facilitate enhanced data processing in a timely manner,” says Moore. Further, the company has made investments in their laboratories allowing them to test the latest products alongside their existing partners like MapR, HP, Qlik, and Platfora. “We bring technologies like these in house and implement them in our lab to determine the best solutions for our customers use cases,” explains Moore.

Moving forward, AlphaSix intends to continue developing solutions around cyber security and fraud detection. “We are also continuing to expand our boundaries to new areas such as video surveillance alongside developing solutions for state and local government, education, and commercial markets,” concludes Moore.

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Stephen Moore, Vice President

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