Alphonso: Holistic TV Ad Campaigns

Some of the world’s unique brands have undoubtedly amplified their global popularity by relying on advertising to a significant extent. These renowned businesses have banked on the attention of millions of television viewers for decades. Measures to observe the effectiveness of television advertisements are entirely obsolete and a unanimous need among advertisers was a platform that offers real-time analytics.

Alphonso, a leading North American media & entertainment solution provider, offers advertisers real-time analysis of television content and ad consumption. The company’s unique dashboard provides best-in-class TV ad analytics that updates advertisers with data such as the total number of airings, a share of voice, estimated spend and audience reach. Additionally, brands are also informed about the television shows in which their advertisements are aired. Thus, these factors help brands revamp their advertising approaches if needed to better brand visibility. “Alphonso uses patented Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology to empower advertisers with real-time metrics on linear TV ad campaigns for their entire category, to aid them in making better decisions,” mentions Allen Bush, Chief Marketing Officer, Alphonso.

The team helps in the comparison of data gathered from ACR with patterns observed from offline sources like retail outlets to draw insights that help brands assess the impact of a television marketing activity. The company’s footprint has captured one-fourth of the total number of television watching households across the United States. The company has collaborated with several video partners to assist brands in reaching its target segment through programmatic advertising. “The Alphonso platform helps clients understand TV audience behavior so they can tailor campaigns accordingly across TV and digital. Brands use our TV data every step of the way, from initial research and media planning, to media activation, to results and ultimately ROI,” states Jarvis Mak, Chief Customer Officer, Alphonso.The company helps its clients reach its target through cost-effective digital video campaigns that help grab the attention through various resources.

Alphonso has also garnered significant visibility for empowering clients with tv-to-mobile retargeting ability. The approach helps brands extend the frequencies of their television ads across online platforms.

Additionally, tv-to-mobile retargeting mitigates the traditional challenge of solely relying on traditional TV viewers who are usually distracted when advertisements are aired during their favorite shows and turn towards devices such as mobile phones. Alphonso’s highly-qualified resource pool effortlessly converted the device fragmentation concern into a business opportunity and helped marketers reach audiences through multiple mobile channels cost-effectively. The solution offered by Alphonso helps brands and networks monitor the viewership of specific advertisements while campaigns are still in flight, to gather insights about a campaign’s reach and effecitiveness.

Alphonso is known for helping brands with best-in-class TV ad analytics that enables brands to know the results of their advertising investments

After a lengthy description of the company’s technical finesse, the conversation shifts towards Alphonso’s recent milestones and the company’s roadmap. Bush mentions that the company’s growth has soared significantly with growth in all of its major locations in Silicon Valley, New York, Red Bank (New Jersey), and Bangalore, India; the company will expand to the United Kingdom this Spring.


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