Altera: Enhancing Business Management with Technology Integration

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Milton Espinoza, CEO The LATAM market is one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the world, with hundreds of tech companies that cater to industries including retail, banking, ecommerce, and entertainment.

Needless to say, these organizations need to be ‘smart’ and digital while communicating with their customers daily—either for sales or for financial transactions. However, most telecommunication companies are focused on D2C, leading to siloed and complex operations that create gaps in the communication chain.

This is where Altera delivers its value, focusing all its efforts on building an innovative, cost-effective and cross-industry B2B platform that facilitates easier communication. The company was conceived with the goal of improving business management with innovative and timely solutions—to become an agent of change that simplifies processes and connects companies with people.

Altera is made up of three pillars— telecommunications, fintech and business intelligence. “We aspire to be the flagbearers of change by combining clean telecommunications, inclusive financial technology combined with high-end BI, eliminating obstacles and facilitating everything. Through this, we ensure that companies and people have fair access,” says Milton Espinoza, CEO of Altera.

The Altera team is devoted to working with their clients to improve customer management and the digital transformation process. They leverage technology to include inclusive communication, facilitation, and finance, reducing a lot of processes that can act as barriers to development. From an ecological perspective, this technologically-driven approach is clean and reduces the carbon footprint by cutting down the various tedious manual processes.

“We work with the strong conviction that, through innovation and cutting-edge technology, it is possible to effectively connect and communicate with diverse audiences around the world without harming the environment,” says Espinoza. As part of the larger corporate culture, Altera believes that digitization is a practice that directly benefits the environment through the minimized use of paper, enabling reduced deforestation and greater water and energy savings.
Connecting the Dots toward Clean Telecommunications

Through Altera’s innovative tools, managing information, optimizing database load, and linking surveys and events is easy. This improves the clients’ processes, helping them with the integration of newer technologies and all stages of digitalization.

Altera’s Business intelligence Analytics System (BIAS) platform is designed to help organizations develop digital solutions and reach end customers faster. It incorporates BI tools to direct efforts toward customer satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey. BIAS technology also equips businesses to analyze, integrate, process and project data for the creation of strategies and decision-making within the organization. It helps organize all the data from customer interactions, allowing for efficient, effective and timely actions for business growth. All the interactions with the customers are monitored in real-time for taking advantage of the opportunities instantly.

"We Aspire to be the Flagbearers of Change by Combining Clean Telecommunications, Inclusive Financial Technology Combined with High-End BI, Eliminating Obstacles and Facilitating Everything"

To enhance the customer experience and keep track of the payments through all customer channels, Altera developed their innovative, fast and easy payment and collection app called AlteraPay. With the app, businesses can get the most out of their customer interactions by sending them a payment button through their favorite contact channel. This controls the status of the collections and allows for the creation of personalized strategies based on customers’ payment behavior. Customers are happier, as well, as they can now send their bills and invoices instantly by SMS when making commercial transactions. It saves time, reduces paper consumption, and provides complete and precise traceability.

For instance, AlteraPay users can generate QR codes for transactions without quotas and save the POS for their QR payments. Similarly, to generate collection links, users can enter an amount, generate a link and share to collect.

Integrated with BIAS, transactions completed through the AlteraPay payment button can be easily reviewed and reconciled. The platform can also be used to check the results of different campaigns and evaluate their impact. This helps in better understanding the customers based on their payment behavior and developing intelligent marketing through personalized strategies.
Innovation-Driven Solutions

The world is looking for solutions with high impact but low complexity when it comes to operating or integrating them. To address the growing demand for tech-savvy talent across the business sectors, Altera has a separate division, Altera Academy. It focuses on filling the skills gap through courses that provide the tools needed to be at the forefront of technology. The courses are designed with professionals who are experts in their areas to

help enrolled candidates enhance their skills, including technologies, design, and social media.

“We are always aware of the market trends, and what companies and clients are looking for. We review the trends and see how we can incorporate them, though our eye is always on how to improve those results and make them easier, more digestible and smarter,” says Jaime Villarroel, commercial manager of Altera.

We Work with the Strong Conviction that, Through Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technology, It is Possible to Effectively Connect and Communicate with Diverse Audiences Around the World Without Harming the Environment

Today, nearing a decade into the business, Altera is in a strong expansion proposal and has already opened physical operations in the U.S. and Peru. They have also made strategic alliances to fully operate LATAM from the telecommunications vertical. As part of this endeavor, Altera recently bought a 20 percent stake in fintech company Circle, an investment valued at US $10 million. The alliance with Circle would provide access to greater technology, talent, and product vision, allowing Altera to better serve their customers and reach out to new ones. It is also projected to develop their intelligent brain project BIAS and a SaaS startup for global communications, which will be transformed into one of their main business proposals for the coming years.

“In everything we do, what separates us from our competitors is our human-centric quality. Choosing a team that believes in this philosophy helps us to foster long lasting relations with our clients as well,” says Villarroel.


Las Condes, Santiago

Milton Espinoza, CEO and Jaime Villarroel, Commercial Manager

Founded in 2009, Altera was conceived to improve the business management of customers with innovative and timely solutions, and to become an agent of change, simplifying processes and connecting companies with people