Alternate E Source: Revolutionizing Data Center Security

Tanja Lewit, Founder & CEO
As the hub of modern software technology, today’s data centers are extending the capabilities of enterprises to create and maintain mission-critical information. However, with the technology changing rapidly, data center equipment is often inadequate and sometimes antiquated, impacting the processing capability of the centers. Companies are now investing on upgrading or refreshing the old equipment. This is where Alternate E Source comes in. “We focus on saving power in data centers and delivering expertise on the things to be considered during a secure equipment refreshing or upgrading—retaining the functional equipment—injecting technology into our applications,” says Tanja Lewit, Founder and CEO, Alternate E Source.

By utilizing new and improved technologies, the company provides tools and solutions that can report, monitor, and control threats in a critical equipment area to provide better energy efficiency and power management. “Apart from physical/infrastructure security, CIOs are now addressing more specific equipment security concerns. As remote monitoring is gaining momentum, we bring advanced monitoring capability into our solutions with constant control,” Tanja explains.

Kentix system is one such solution. It is an easy to use and deploy solution that provides a holistic view of data center infrastructure environment, monitoring physical and network security and bringing the real-time security information in a cloud-secured backup. “Blending IoT into our functionality, Kentix also offers infrastructure monitoring which can be performed via a mobile device any time, from anywhere,” notes Tanja.

For instance, a fiber carrier, Karis, wanted to set up a new data center replacing their existing server equipment. They needed a data center that was secure, quickly scalable, and capable of keeping their dedicated servers up and running continuously.Alongside, Karis installed a DC power plant and an AC crack unit to power the server that was a direct threat to IT equipment. Kentix managed and safe-guarded Karis’s new server from every possible threat. “The Kentix system is the 24x7 person entity that launches all time login and allows the users to access anytime to learn about the security of their server,” explains Tanja.

As remote monitoring is gaining momentum, we bring advanced monitoring capability into our solutions with constant control

Since the inception, the company has been serving a wide range of industries like military, power-generation manufacturers, industrial OEMs, and data center infrastructure. For mission-critical facilities, Alternate E Source offers iFortress, a unique and highly-insulated solution that keeps server equipment or any critical equipment secure and safe from threats like explosives or bomb blasts. “For a very high profile application, iFortress is an excellent ‘barrack’ which offers highly unique functionalities to ensure hardware security,” points out Tanja. The DOD-validated solution is designed specifically to withstand the destructive forces such as hurricane and other natural calamities.

Apart from physical security of data centers, the firm also provides cloud server security with eGENERA solution suite. “It is a symphonic orchestration of both hybrid and private cloud,” explains Tanja. The solution involves Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Moving along the speed of technology evolution, Tanja believes IoT is the next big thing for them as sensors and connected world is transforming the future of efficiency. Additionally, the firm is planning a strategic expansion of their business by setting up a branch at the IT hub—Silicon Valley. In the days to come, Tanja plans to partner with as many solution integrators as possible in order to cater best-in-class all-round data center security and management. “We are not inventing a wheel, rather we want to collaborate with solution integrators and be able to work and support their business in a new way,” concludes Tanja.

Alternate E Source

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Tanja Lewit, Founder & CEO

Provides IT companies with products and solutions to manage and safeguard data center equipments.

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