Altiux: An Expert in Emerging Technology Domains

Shyam Vedantam, Co-Founder & CEO
IoT is a staggering 14 trillion dollar opportunity, but for reasons such as nature of rapidly changing technology landscape and evolving standards, and lack of skilled resources, realizing this opportunity is a stern challenge. As IoT is regarded as technology of tomorrow, the business world needs a superlative troupe embodied with the eminent resources and visionary leaders who can bring the benefits of IoT in the present age. Since its inception in 2013, Altiux Innovations has gained the attention of numerous industry leaders proving its expertise in Consumer Electronics, Homes, Intelligent Buildings, Smart Cities and Manufacturing verticals. The deep expertise of Altiux in IOT domain extends from hardware and embedded system design to cloud and data analytics. This cross-functional expertise has enabled the company to provide services ranging from development of IoT nodes, motes and gateways, protocol stacks, management platforms, data analytics solutions and user experience design.

The early investment in R&D has been a blissful episode for Altiux as this has aided the company to get a head start over the competition. With all the assistance and hard work, Altiux has designed some of the most advance services such as ready to integrate and deploy Accelerator kit and, Ready to deploy vertical solutions. The former comprises IoT device connectivity middleware, Edgeware platform, mobility framework and IoT reference hardware, whereas the vertical solutions are centered around to build smart cities, intelligent building, hotels and smart homes. The eligibility to perform at such a large stage is provided to the company by its strong partnerships and alliances with leading semiconductor vendors and network equipment manufacturers.

Delivering the Solutions of the Future Today

Altiux is a product engineering services company with core competency in IoT, bringing the solutions of tomorrow in today’s existence.
The IoT Accelerator Kit of the company comprises of IoT Device Connectivity middleware stack called BoxPwr, IoTEdgeware platform, IoT data analytics framework, mobility framework and IoT reference hardware. These suites of products are built using open architecture and are designed to comply with the emerging IoT standards. “Our IoT Accelerator Kit enables our enterprise clients to reduce development cycles for complex IoT and M2M products and solutions,” explains Shyam Vedantam, Co-Founder and CEO at Altiux. “We also have a host of ready-to-deploy end-to-end solutions for connected home, in-room automation, remote asset monitoring and fleet management applications.”

Our IoT Accelerator Kit enables our enterprise clients to reduce development cycles for complex IoT and M2M products and solutions

The company has immense traction in manufacturing vertical as it is a sector that can derive the highest value from IoT and Altiux with its big data analytics and IoT capabilities is in an ideal position to help clients innovate, design and develop solutions catering to this sector.

Planning for the Future

For the coming years, Altiux intends to sustain its R&D investment in order to stay ahead of the technology innovation curve. Maintaining the differentiation and value proposition against larger technology services players is also going to be the priority of the company.


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Shyam Vedantam, Co-Founder & CEO

Altiux is a provider of nextgen products, solutions, platforms and IP in emerging technology domains.