Altocloud: Building Smart Platform for Digital Customer Engagement

Barry O\'Sullivan, CEO
Unlike the traditional scenario where CIOs were challenged to find enough market and customer data, today the demand is for CIOs to analyze the vast amounts of data and extract meaningful insights from them for further action. However, Barry O'Sullivan, CEO of Altocloud, believes it’s a real-time customer engagement opportunity. “Our cloud platform integrates with Cisco’s technology solutions to analyze data about customers, businesses, and their behaviors and predict the best digital engagement methods and moments,” says O'Sullivan. Altocloud, a communications software provider, adds digital customer engagement to the Cisco platform–accelerating sales and enriching customer service.

Recently named a “2015 Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Altocloud works with Cisco’s unified communication products like Unified Contact Center Enterprise, and empowers contact center agents to engage web and mobile visitors at the perfect moment. ``Further, Altocloud’s integration with Cisco’s Finesse Desktop Agent software smartly enables representatives to understand customer journeys by incorporating web and mobile context.

Altocloud’s partnership with Cisco meant it was the first company to integrate with the recently announced Cisco Context Service for call centers—a publish and subscribe cloud service for secure sharing of contact center metadata. It enables Altocloud to combine data such as digital behavior, call duration, call dispositions, and agent expertise for analyzing. Altocloud then moves analyzed results into the Context Service, allowing Cisco Contact Center users the access to predictions and recommendations about the best digital engagement for a specific customer, meeting their needs and achieving business outcomes. “We are a Cisco DevNet Solutions partner and work closely with Cisco technical product management teams,” explains O'Sullivan.

Altocloud was founded to make customer communications better. They are leveraging expertise in enterprise communications, big data analytics, and user experience design to address the disconnected customer experience when seeking support and making purchases.
“Our platform is configurable and flexible for use in different industries including retail, high-tech business to business, and financial services,” says O'Sullivan. For instance, Smyths Toys is one of the largest online retailers in the UK with the primary goal to streamline online shopping experiences for visitors. Smyths required assistance in predicting and targeting the best communication opportunities for online shoppers. Altocloud enabled Smyths to understand customer behavior and interact with high value visitors to guide their online shopping experience, leading to happier customer and higher sales conversions.

Our products uniquely combine machine learning and real-time communications to help clients sell to and support their customers

Collaborating with numerous clients has accelerated Altocloud’s progress and capacity to invest in machine learning–enhancing algorithms and architecture. O'Sullivan believes in constantly improving the ability to identify insights that positively impact business outcomes. Analytics and prediction are essential in delivering value to customers. “Our products uniquely combine machine learning and real-time communications to help clients sell their products and support their customers,” asserts O'Sullivan. “We do this with digital engagement–messaging, voice, video–combining Cisco’s communications infrastructure with Altocloud’s big data and predictive analytics capabilities.”

Leveraging Cisco’s technology, Altocloud efficiently shapes mobile and web customer journeys to achieve business outcomes, without the need to redesign or rebuild a website. Going forward, the company is building an integration with Cisco’s Tropo cloud API and has huge growth projections for the eCommerce and sales automation sectors.


Mountain View, CA

Barry O\'Sullivan, CEO

Providers of communications software that use predictive analytics to make voice, video and messaging better.

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