Altus Dynamics: Helping to Fulfill the Mission of Public Sector Organizations through Integrated Bus

Colin Dickinson, CEO & Managing Partner
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the nerve center of every organization, but it is still falling short when it comes to real-time visibility. Since its inception, Altus Dynamics has been solving this problem, equipping social benefit (nonprofit), education and government organizations with comprehensive accounting, budgeting and reporting solutions that help them achieve their goals effectively.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, the software giant’s suite of ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications, Altus Dynamics’ solutions cater to the ERP, as well as the CRM needs of their markets. In addition to being a certified Microsoft reseller and a double Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Altus Dynamics is also an independent software vendor that builds their own Intellectual Property (IP) on the Dynamics platform to provide specialized features and functionality. As an example, the company recently rolled out Altus Dynamics Donor Engage, a Dynamics CRM-based product that offers enhanced visibility and increases the effectiveness of a nonprofit organization’s fund-raising operations. Among other offerings are Altus Employee Portals that enhance the finance and human resources departments, empowering employees to carry out a number of functions themselves including accessing reports or making purchase, expense and payment requests.

Altus Dynamics has been hard at work to provide real-time, ondemand access to decision-support information. This allows the finance team to provide senior management with the reports and analysis to make fully informed decisions, something not possible with legacy paper based systems still employed in some finance departments. Unlike many other organizations that operate in multiple industry sectors, Altus Dynamics’ exclusive focus on the public sector gives them a clear understanding of the unique challenges they face.

Our solutions provide senior management, as well as staff in the field, with real-time, on-demand access to decision-support information

As a consequence of solving business challenges that are very similar among their clients, they are able to create solutions that are best suited to tackle these hurdles. “We bring the best of both worlds. We take a fantastic Microsoft product and configure its last mile to create our own IP on top of it that is specifically focused on the needs of the public sector,” says Colin Dickinson, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Altus Dynamics.

Highlighting this dedication to its customers, Altus Dynamics was awarded Microsoft’s Canadian ‘Partner of the Year’ for Customer Experience in both 2011 and 2012.

Altus Dynamics has helped over 200 organizations achieve their missions and goals by integrating solutions like accounting, fundraising, human resources and CRM. Living by Michael Porter’s expression: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do,” Dickinson says their strategic imperative is to focus exclusively on the public sector, in order to better serve the organizations within this market segment.

Looking ahead, the company is set on expanding its reach and offering, continuing its embrace of new technologies such as the Cloud (Altus was a finalist for Microsoft’s Global ‘Cloud Partner of the Year’ in 2012), while leveraging the constant improvements Microsoft makes to the base platform, all for the benefit of their customers.

Altus Dynamics

Toronto, ON

Colin Dickinson, CEO & Managing Partner

A provider of Microsoft Dynamic NAV and CRM powered business solutions to the public sector.