Alura Business Solutions: Furnishing a Well-Built Security Wall for Enterprises

CIO VendorJason Derstine, President & CEO, Ryan Rosenkaimer, Vice President and Elias Grim, Director of Support
Today, cloud acts as the warehouse to store the massive amounts of data harvested through internet. Despite its exclusive storage and access capability, cloud is often deemed ‘unsecure’ in protecting the data. Lack of knowledge and preparation to handle huge data makes this more critical for CIOs. Alura Business Solutions, a pioneer in security service around cloud technology, has made it their biggest priority to safeguard enterprises from the vulnerable threats spanning cloud. Headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA, Alura enlightens consumers on the security aspects of cloud technology and offers a well-built security wall for their infrastructures.

Taking Care of Security Patches

Spearheaded by Jason Derstine, Alura was formed in 2005 with the notion to bring Fortune 100 enterprise level security, support and services to small and medium sized businesses. “We are one of the few companies in the marketplace that proactively deploy solutions to our customers–usually at no charge–when we know that the risk is very present. By catering to the security needs of the clients, we mitigate the threats in real time and also ensure that they utilize the solution to its utmost level,” says Derstine.

Alura's NetAlert solution monitors vulnerabilities in the network. It takes care of security patches, and audits intrusion and detection on a 24/7 basis to provide safer systems. The solution scrutinizes the recommendations in response to the risks and eradicates the threats vigorously. Customers deploy NetAlert in all their environments to ensure day to day performance of management and automation of tasks—whether patching, security or just organization or department wide tasks.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is one of the key services offered by Alura, which gives enterprises the necessary confidence to mitigate any potential business disruption, whether a physical disaster, health related pandemic or more likely local causes such as fire, flooding, power loss or inaccessible office space. This service is designed depending on the level of redundancy and recovery time expected by the client. This encompasses e-mail, simple backups, and/or continuous and live replication across sites and data centers. Such an action allows Alura to serve customers more aptly, acknowledging the risk factor involved to recover the data.

Apt Security Enforcements and Mobility

Acting as a protective barrier in safeguarding the vital data from penetrable forces, Alura's Firewall protects the network robustly. With integrated management, communication between security layers is fine tuned to enhance faster processing. Among all the products, Alura’s Virtual CIO service owns the biggest part of their portfolio. It monitors the overall users and offers a new experience to clients with apt security enforcements. Apart from that, Alura’s mobility management platform provides 100 percent security on the mobility aspects of laptops, tablets, PCs and multiple other devices.

Our products can be evaluated by customers on a trial basis for a few months and they can adopt it instantly, once they are impressed by the solution

“Our products can be evaluated by customers on a trial basis for a few months and they can adopt it instantly, once they are impressed by the solution,” shares Derstine. For instance, one of their customers engaged in medical practice faced a tethering challenge in staying compliant with the rules and regulations. The ever changing rules were forcing the medical firm to update their systems very often. Alura resolved the issue by streamlining the entire process with built-in security services, creating a more secure infrastructure for the client. Within a short span of time, the enterprise was set in place with the necessary regulative requirements. Ultimately, Alura portrayed a sign of freedom through their secure environment, moving the monitoring capability of the firm to a more accurate level.

Enabling a Proactive Approach

“Our team’s deep expertise in security vertically steers us to reach the standards of personal and professional growth. While we enjoy a laid back corporate culture, we also exceed in maintaining a ‘family’ feel with our clients—we are not just an outside vendor to most, but an extension of their businesses, their Virtual CIO team, and many rely on us on critical business decisions,” claims Derstine. Moreover, strong partnership with companies for software and hardware support is an added advantage for Alura to compete steadily in the market. Coupled with Alura's outstanding service and product offerings, the aforementioned strategies have allowed them to retain over 95 percent of customer base over the years. “We are not just here when our customers have problems, we proactively reach our clients and take precautionary measures, thereby giving less space for issues,” asserts Derstine. With such a well-equipped team and support, Alura is scaling new heights at a fast rate.

New Technology and Customer Service

Alura is tirelessly innovating at their R&D lab to deal with hundreds of customers in a more unique manner. “We have made heavy investments in new technology to support multiple environments, where dedicated teams are validating new solutions prior to implementation,” shares Derstine. A good understanding of the customers has helped Alura to concentrate more in the labs to meet the requirements adequately.

Moving forward, Alura desires to support the customer with apt solutions in order to gain a stable position among its contenders. “Over the years, we have witnessed constant change in the security landscape. We expect to grow substantially along with this change and continue our fleet of service,” says Derstine. Timely evaluation of partnerships is also part of their agenda as they foresee more innovation through joint ventures.

Alura Business Solutions

Plymouth Meeting, PA

Jason Derstine, President & CEO, Ryan Rosenkaimer, Vice President and Elias Grim, Director of Support

Provider of integrated managed services and network security to small and mid-sized businesses.