Alvaria: A Best-of-Breed Solution that Elevates Both Customer and Employee Experiences

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Brett Brosseau, VP of Product Marketing
Today, brands understand that offering competitive products and services is no longer enough; the kind of experience they deliver to their customers is equally important to succeed in the market. However, what they also need to realize is the fact that customer experiences are delivered by employees. If employees are satisfied, they do their best to ensure that the clients are happy. “This is why, at Alvaria, we are combining the customer and employee experience to produce a unified experience,” begins Brett Brosseau, VP of product marketing at Alvaria.

Alvaria is a global leader in customer experience (CX) and workforce engagement management (WEM) at the enterprise scale. Alvaria was born out of the merger of two leading businesses in the CX space, Aspect Software and Noble Systems, with the vision to offer a broad portfolio of best-of-breed products to elevate both the customer as well as employee experiences. These products prove critical in helping organizations create great experiences for their professionals, who can then offer the best to the company’s customers. Employees have access to a stack of tools through a seamless interface so that they don’t have to go out of that environment to solve a problem or perform any task. To offer a distinguished experience to employees, the company employs a gamification solution, Alvaria Motivate, which has coaching and learning modules, rewards, recognition, competitions, and social collaborations resulting in improved employee retention, performance, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Gathering insights and analyzing them is another key element of the company’s approach to improving the employee experience and thereafter the customers’. Additionally, Alvaria offers a Performance Management tool that facilitates analysis of all customer interactions across different channels. It offers insights into the conversations in order to identify the things that can be improved. “It allows businesses to understand what has happened and how to take action to use those analytics going forward,” adds Brosseau. Businesses can use the data obtained through the conversations to change the way their employees’ behave and ultimately change the future outcomes.

Self-efficacy is another key area that the Alvaria solution focuses on improving the workforce performance. With platform feature known as triggers, organizations can set parameters around KPIs, behaviors, and outcomes they want to target. Depending on whether an employee’s performance is below, between or above any of the thresholds on those particular outcomes, the system will get triggered.

This will send a message to their respective supervisors, business managers or executives because we know that transparency is a powerful motivator.

At Alvaria, we are unifying the customer and employee experience to create unprecedented business value

There are a couple of mechanisms on our platform that enable employees to selfcorrect and make sure they are caretakers of their own self-efficacy,explains Brosseau.

The key distinguishing feature that makes the company stand apart from all the other players in the market is the emphasis it has on layering both biology and behavioral science in its platform, which makes it successful. “Through these elements, we not only change the economics of organizations for the better but also the cultures,” remarks Brosseau. “Also, we meet the customers where they want to be met in terms of deployments. We have public, private, and on-premises deployments to fulfill all our customers’ needs,” he adds.

One association that further highlight these capabilities is where a renowned provider of merchant processing services—Sekure Merchant implemented Alvaria Motivate. The company averages 120,000+ outbound calls a day and was in need of an intuitive solution to improve operational efficiency and agent and supervisor productivity on essential key performance indicators across all employee levels. Alvaria created four distinct user interfaces that aligned features to each level of Sekure Merchant’s organizational hierarchy. The solution was aimed at clearly and quantifiably displaying goals for each agent, team, and supervisor. With Alvaria Motivate, the company witnessed more transparency in realizing their goals and could also achieve improved management efficiency. For every 100 agents, they gained 10 hours of management efficiency per week. Additionally, they realized a 62 percent increase in employee retention. The company is now unifying all of their motivational management activities through a single interface.

Alvaria will continue to create such frictionless experiences for both employees and customers by offering new capabilities to bring change in the organizational culture and performance. “We will continue to develop our learning platform so that organizations can continue to improve aptitude through game mechanics, which would allow their employees to be disciplined and be more credible and reliable,” concludes Brosseau


Westford, MA

Brett Brosseau, VP of Product Marketing

Alvaria is the world leader in enterprise-scale customer experience and workforce engagement management.