Ambassador Education Solutions:Powering Course Materials Management And Delivery

CIO Vendor Ambassador Education Solutions, a company headquartered in New York, leverages four decades of experience in providing leading-edge technologies and software for the optimized delivery of student course materials. Since 1973, Ambassador has engineered, developed and implemented customized bookstore and technology solutions to simplify the adoption, delivery and management of all student course materials, including textbooks, eBooks, custom content, scrubs, kits, supplies and logo apparel.

we make the management and delivery of student course materials and digital content as easy and seamless as possible

“We believe the education vertical continues to have solid growth potential as more students, and specifically adult learners, pursue degrees. We also see tremendous opportunities to continue to implement technology solutions to enhance teaching, learning and administration. Through our proprietary supply chain technology, specialized advisory services, analytic tools and customizable solutions, we make the management and delivery of student course materials and digital content as easy and seamless as possible, giving our customer institutions a complete and cost effective way to get the right course materials into students' hands at the right price,” says Steven M. Blicht, COO.
Ambassador provides Online Bookstore, Auto-fill and Brick and Mortar Bookstore solutions for students to access all required course materials. Additionally, the eBooks Plus solution offered by the firm allows students to receive eTextbooks as an alternative or a supplement to printed textbooks and course materials, available for download to their computers, laptops and, in some cases, iPads.Ambassador’s SourceOne proprietary supply chain technology, which integrates with a school's Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems and Digital Content Platforms, enables schools to effectively and efficiently manage all student course materials transactions.

While the company's foundation was built on traditional bookstore offerings, it has evolved its solution set and vision to include a much wider array of technology and software solutions to support the course materials needs of busy, tech-savvy students, as well as innovative, forward-thinking institutions.

Ambassador serves proprietary and career colleges, as well as traditional public and private institutions. Prior to engaging Ambassador, a school in the U.S. comprising numerous campus locations was decentralized and handled course materials at the individual campus level. Its team initially asked Ambassador to launch a pilot program on several campuses to gauge whether the bookstore operations could be transformed into centrally controlled revenue centers. Ambassador successfully overcame all obstacles, resulting in a broader rollout of the school's services from an initial ten campuses to over 90 campuses today.

Going forward, Ambassador plans to continue building on its SourceOne proprietary technology platform and management interface to provide additional benefits to students and schools alike, which may include greater on-the-go access to resources; improved administrative controls; enhanced booklist adoption and management processes; deeper integrations; and more reporting, forecasting and analytics functionality.

Ambassador Education Solutions

Connecting students with all required course materials so that colleges and universities can deliver an optimized learning experience with extensive student and faculty support