AmberLeaf: Institutional Memory to Improve Customer Experience

John Kariotis, Partner
In the early part of 2001, John Kariotis and his partner Larry Goldman embarked on a journey that led to the founding of the company in 2004. They took the concepts around business intelligence and engaged in generating analytics around customer interactions that ranged from the way companies sell to customers and how marketers market to how customer service representatives interact with them. They wanted to use deeper analytics to gather this information and use it to benefit their clients.

The idea is based on data visualization, which plays a major role in ensuring clients understand the analytics being presented to them so they can develop sound strategies. “We started overlaying different pieces of technology over the CRM solutions that we were implementing at the time. We concluded that companies are buying us at AmberLeaf. They are buying Larry. They are buying John and our other partner, Don Steffen, so we started the firm around these ideas to bring what we refer to as data action,” says Kariotis.

AmberLeaf focuses on getting from data to action. It does this by providing clients with services that focus on customer experience strategy, marketing automation, sales automation, customer loyalty, organizational change BI and analytics, and service automation. Each of these services helps businesses build an actionable roadmap that turns raw data into a customer intelligence ecosystem that positively affects the bottom line.

Through its partnership with Oracle, AmberLeaf has fine-tuned data governance and business intelligence even more. Kariotis adds, “We look at our client’s business from the ground up. We aggregate data from data sources. We help manage and cleanse the hygiene of that data, which will help us drive what we do around the customer experience. We can take advantage of the capabilities that Oracle provides in the sense that they are a technology firm and that we can use different pieces of an infrastructure that make us able to support those disciplines.”

What our clients tend to like is how we help them achieve and progress along what we refer to as the customer experience maturity continuum

The partnership with Oracle has given AmberLeaf a more powerful platform when helping a client benefit from the institutional memory of a customer’s experience. AmberLeaf achieves this by leveraging Oracle’s offerings. Instead of a client having sporadic pieces of data, which is broken information from different sources, the information is brought together. Institutional memory helps a client get into the psyche of a customer to improve the relationship with that customer. This is done by gathering information, such as how a customer interacts with a brand to help predict customer behavior and satisfy customer demands.

The services provided by AmberLeaf have helped businesses in multiple industries leverage their data. From consumer packaged goods and financial services to retail and healthcare facilities, the learning curve of using data to improve customer interaction is decreased while the value is increased. Kariotis states, “What our clients tend to like is how we help them achieve and progress along what we refer to as the customer experience maturity continuum. We are trying to help clients understand the difference between customer experience enablement, which helps them master the basics to build the foundation around the entire customer experience infrastructure.” By focusing on the way customers are marketed to, how companies are selling to customers, and how orders are fulfilled, AmberLeaf provides its clients with a continuum of services that utilize analytical intelligence. This intelligence then provides them with what they need to resonate with their customers.


Chicago, IL

John Kariotis, Partner

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