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Bob Panos, Senior Vice President of Sales and Professional Services
If the last few years are any indicator, businesses that commit to digital transformation inevitably realize that the journey becomes more arduous and complex with each passing day. The challenges—that come with cloud migration, digitalization, and equipment modernization—are not necessarily determined by the size of the organization or the industry. If anything, every company has a steep mountain to climb.

Just take the example of this private food label manufacturing company from the Chicago area. Still utilizing a lot of legacy equipment and operating a data center, the company could not digitalize its business with its existing infrastructure. Pushed to the brink, it decided to hire a managed services provider, and American Digital proved to be the perfect partner.

American Digital stepped in, modernized the equipment, moved the client to a private cloud, and provided management services through its managed services. Crucially, American Digital helped the client achieve significant cost savings. “We reduced their overall costs, provided agility to their operations, and got them out of the data center business. Most of all, we allowed them do what they do best: focus on food products,” says Bob Panos, Senior Vice President of Sales and Professional Services of American Digital, a Platinum Partner for all HPE products and services. As an HPE-focused partner, American Digital empowers its customers with some of the best HPE solutions and products on the market, which are also known for their unmatched reliability and profitability.

By adopting such a client-first approach, American Digital is able to create unique multi-layered experiences specifically designed to meet precise requirements and challenges. Similar to the above use case, American Digital combines its consultation services, managed services, and product implementation tools to cover every layer of digital transformation.

Panos highlights the importance of American Digital’s initial assessment service, through which it discerns a strategy to drive cost savings for clients. “By thoroughly assessing a client’s environment, we can design a strategy that works best for them,” he says.

Once American Digital designs this outline for digital migration, it strictly works on the client’s timeline. By doing so, it allows the customer to carry on with their day-to-day business activities as American Digital works in the shadows—in a manner of speaking. In fact, American Digital gathers a “downtime window” from the client and accordingly sets its project timelines, with a PMO assigned to each project.
“We do a lot of planning ahead of time, along with practice and testing, to ensure we meet a client’s availability windows,” stresses Panos, while adding that American Digital takes pride in being highly flexible.

We do a lot of planning ahead of time, along with practice and testing, to ensure we meet a client’s availability windows

A Value-over-Volume Solution Provider

Furthermore, the uniqueness of American Digital also stems from its ability to serve as “a knowledge hub” to its clients, many of whom are curious to adopt new technologies. This is precisely why American Digital’s pre-sales architects remain abreast of the latest technologies by frequently visiting conferences, user groups, and webinars. “The client looks to us, for the type of technology or architecture we would recommend,” notes Panos, who is also a well-known industry leader in the IT space and a sought-after thought leader, lending his expertise to a variety of leadership councils for leading industry organizations, including Ingram Micro and HPE. To maintain its Platinum Partner status with HPE, American Digital goes through great lengths to secure the highest level of certifications. The company has a part of the HPE’s channel ecosystem for over 30 years across HPE’s storage, compute and networking portfolios. “HPE has so many products and categories, from server storage, to networking. We are the top level of certification for all the products,” adds Panos.

An evidently bright future awaits American Digital, a veteran company that benefits from a savvy and loyal team of professionals focused on designing, deploying, and managing the right solution that fits the clients’ requirements. Panos informs that the average tenure of each American Digital employee is over 10 years, with many of the staff working with the company for over 30 years. “Longevity runs through the culture here,” he says, before adding that American Digital’s clients appreciate the familiar faces that fulfill their projects.

Driving ahead, American Digital will utilize client feedback to improve its services constantly. Despite a proven track record of implementing more than 100 digital migrations, American Digital believes in lending its ears to clients and industry experts. For example, American Digital recently came across a client that preferred a move to a public cloud. “Typically, we have vast experience with private clouds and on-prem solutions. But when a client wants to do ‘xyz,’ we listen and incorporate the same into our offering. We will continue to listen, to understand where to invest and grow, and whom to partner with,” concludes Panos.

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Bob Panos, Senior Vice President of Sales and Professional Services

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