American Digital Corporation: Simplifying IT Environments with SAP HANA

Norbert R. Wojcik, Jr. President & CEO
Today, most organizations that are embracing SAP or Hadoop technologies to effectively manage their vast collection of actionable data, struggle to utilize to its full potential. “When it comes to extracting and analyzing key data with the help of SAP HANA, enterprises are majorly concerned about finding a way to support this advanced in-memory computing platform,” says Norbert R. Wojcik, Jr, President and CEO, American Digital Corporation. In one instance, a company was seeking to transform their Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Defect / Quality Assurance, and Distribution processes with HANA and Advanced Analytics. Elk Grove Village, IL based IT solutions provider, American Digital Corporation helped them in deploying HANA and associated analytics to provide ‘Real Time’ production floor monitoring of global manufacturing orders, and follow on fulfillment. “This fundamentally changed not only the way the company manufactured products but how they sourced raw materials and leveraged channels of distribution,” says Wojcik.

Since over 35 years of its foundation, American Digital has been helping CIOs to answer and support some of the biggest challenges and answer common questions relating to their business—“Is my organization ready for Big Data?, “how do I begin this Big Data Journey?”, and “how do I blend or integrate my current environment with Big Data technologies in a smart measured fashion?”. By partnering with SAP’s strategic associates, the company assists organizations to gain more power and insight from their valuable data. “We focus on integrating HANA-business intelligence, and Hadoop; so that our customers derive the most value for their data” says Wojcik.

Over time, SAP HANA’s popularity is largely increasing among the entrepreneurs for its capacity to keep vast volumes of information in memory and provide instant access to data.It is ideal for companies who need to navigate instantly through the ups and downs in day to day business.

We focus on integrating HANA - business intelligence, and Hadoop; so that our customers derive the most value for their data

For effective SAP migration consulting for these companies, “We extensively research on company’s industry, financials, and trajectory of the markets over the course of three years. This information allows us to recommend and build use cases that provide real value and measurable ROI,” says Wojcik.

Being an authorized SAP partner, American Digital is recognized to execute ‘broad’ HANA Readiness Campaign with key customers that are preparing their organizations for the transition to HANA. Through this campaign the company helps customers to understand the value proposition of HANA in an enterprise by enabling fast access to vast amount of data stored in Hadoop Data Lakes.

American Digital is engaged in a variety of customer initiatives that are in various stages of deployment in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and automotive sectors. Throughout the years, “American Digital has gained recognition as a leading company that has readily harnessed evolving technology trends. Hence we innovate and upgrade our Big Data products and services that complement our strategic Infrastructure offerings,” says Wojcik.

For the years ahead, “We can say that most SAP customers would migrate to HANA for better and advanced innovation within very short time,” says Wojcik. The company will continue to help enterprises to effectively integrate HANA and Hadoop in their environments. “We intend to be the leaders in SAP industry that can help customer exploit the benefits of both of these strategic platforms,” concludes Wojcik.

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Norbert R. Wojcik, Jr. President & CEO

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