Amicus Attorney: Fortifying Practice Management Solutions

Ron Collins, President & Founder
Law firms today are looking for new ways to integrate business principles into their practices. Lawyers need to deliver quality professional services with modern tools that meet clients’ expectations in today’s mobile digital world, while also helping the law firm be more efficient. Amicus Attorney is a leading practice management software specialized in enhancing the productivity and profitability of law firms, while also assisting lawyers to streamline their management operations. “The term ‘Amicus’, which means ‘friend’ in Latin, reflects our software’s approach: a helpful friend who will lower the lawyer’s professional stress, through the provision of robust software solutions,” says Ron Collins, President& Founder, Amicus Attorney.

“Legal professionals work in a highly-pressured environment; the main challenge here is to bring in suitable technology to leverage the lawyer’s ability and also to facilitate all the back end operations,” explains Collins. “All our products are designed by lawyers, for lawyers and are famous for their intuitive approach, natural workflow, and ease of use,” adds Collins.

Understanding the wide range of requirements in the legal arena, the company offers two main editions of Amicus Attorney: Amicus Premium and Amicus Cloud.

The Amicus Premium Suite is an on-premise practice management solution, which helps in streamlining the firm’s end-to-end practice—like business development, legal calendaring, matter management, time tracking, client service, knowledge and document management, billing and other back office operations. It is browser accessible, so the solutions can be delivered anywhere, anytime, on any device, to gain complete mobility. There is also a time tracking utility that works on smartphones, so lawyers can track their billable time anywhere. “Due to confidentiality and security issues, lawyers are moving slowly to the cloud, but they want the mobility it offers. Amicus Premium’s advantage is its ability to offer a cloud-like practice management solution from the law firm’s own server.” states Collins.

Amicus Cloud, as its name implies, is a cloud subscription version of Amicus Attorney. For a low monthly fee it offers an extensive solution that works on any browser, effectively making an iPad a law office.

Amicus Attorney helps in streamlining the law firm’s end-to-end practice

Amicus Cloud is unique in its total integration with Microsoft Exchange, so that all emails a lawyer sends, from any device, can be immediately organized for him in Amicus. This applies to calendaring and contacts as well. There are so many “smart’ devices these days, and they all connect to Exchange. So rather than forcing customers to always use Amicus if they want the benefits of practice management, Amicus Cloud offers the choice of using multiple devices and apps, while bringing them all together into an organized practice system. Explains Collins, “Amicus Cloud offers a touch-based interface with phenomenal flexibility, providing the ability for our customers to work in the way they want.”

The Amicus motto is ‘Do More. Bill More. Go Home Early’. One of their customers, the managing partner of a New York-based firm that began with one lawyer and credits Amicus with their growth to an 18-person highly profitable firm, recently put it this way: “Amicus Attorney gives me the ability to be a great advocate for my clients, but still have a life outside our office.”

The company's success stems from its continuous innovation and its extraordinary management practices. “What differentiates us from others is our lawyer-friendly approach, where we organize all the aspects of managing a law practice, which helps in overcoming the workload while practicing law,” asserts Collins. Amicus combines almost every aspect of the legal firm to a single interface. Information is consistent and up-to-date for everyone in the firm, workflow is dramatically improved and nothing gets overlooked.

Going ahead, the company is planning to launch more innovative solutions, which can be accessed via desktop and cloud. In addition, Collins reveals that the Cloud version of Amicus Attorney is being updated about every eight weeks to be on par with the technological evolution, and to respond to the constant suggestions coming in from customers.

Amicus Attorney

Toronto, ON

Ron Collins, President & Founder

Practice management software solution to enhance the productivity and profitability of law firms.