Aminian: Delivering NetSuite's Business Process Expertise for Rapid Expansion Drives

Mo Aminian, President
ERP solutions play a strong role as an enabler in an enterprise, in improving a company’s core processes and ensuring smooth workflow. However, customization and integration challenges exist in every industry where organizations have their own unique processes and requirements. Supporting a variety of industries, NetSuite’s ERP solutions streamline enterprise operations by delivering real-time access and visibility for better and improved business management. Based in Irvine, CA, Aminian Business Services is one of the nation’s first NetSuite solution provider partners representing its cloud-based software solutions since 2001. “Our unique positioning is based on several successful NetSuite implementations bringing in years of in-depth consulting experience and deep product knowledge to companies,” says Mo Aminian, President, Aminian.

Aminian’s NetSuite Certified ERP consultants and developers provide assistance for NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP solutions that automate data-intensive processes with accurate real-time data. Aminian assists companies to computerize their entire business process foundation and to take quick business resolutions for faster growth. “From procurement and production through order to cash, multichannel commerce, fulfillment, and customer service—we work without the cost and complexity of on-premise IT systems,” acclaims Mo. With a systematic consulting approach of business optimization, like workflow gap analysis, software system evaluation, and financial control system, Aminian identifies businesses’ needs and guides companies to choose a perfect NetSuite application for their workflow.

In addition, Aminian also effectively resells NetSuite’s cloud-based business management solutions and concentrates on the consulting services to progress a company’s business operations. Further, Aminian’s Business Process Optimization process, helps customers streamline their underlying processes to improve profitability and operating efficiency.

“Aminian’s consultants understand the business requirements and provide expert guidance to exceed business goals,” states Mo. NetSuite’s customizable ERP solutions move the entire business operation into a single system, connecting all financial, customer, and eCommerce
information within the cloud. Aminian’s consultancy for NetSuite’s ERP offerings, eliminates the obstacles of integrating NetSuite’s ERP solutions in multi-purpose systems and provide real-time visibility all through a company’s operation.

“Our consulting services provide significant value and cost savings to our customers by tailoring their end-to-end business processes to their precise business requirements,” says Mo. Parallelly, Aminian’s Accounting and Compliance Services helps a business in its initial NetSuite transition stage, by fulfilling backend accounting and book keeping needs.

Alongside, Aminian Business Services open a support window with solutions ranging from live phone support to email support to online case submission for a particular business environment that can be tracked online via the firm’s online portal.In addition, catering to the unique client requirements, Aminian offers customized training solutions imparted through an expert visiting on-site, web enabled training sessions or e-learning modules.

In one instance LifeProof, a manufacturer and seller of protective cases for Smartphones and Tablets, was lacking real-time visibility into their stock and was facing difficulty due to limited and non-integrated software systems incapable of boosting their growth.Aminian’s customized NetSuite solution enabled LifeProof’s warehouse, call center, and accounting department to work within one system bringing in efficiencies across the entire organization.

Moving ahead, Aminian abides by its mission of totally transforming their clients’ business processes with their in-depth knowledge of NetSuite solutions. “With NetSuite solutions, we continue to reward our clients with a cost saving renovation of business processes with a modern and well-supported infrastructure,” concludes Mo.

With several successful NetSuite implementations and strong ERP experience, Aminian brings business process expertise and deep product knowledge to companies


Irvine, CA

Mo Aminian, President

The consultancy provider of ERP technology, coupled with NetSuite’s skills it helps various SaaS-based or on-premise companies, to boost their performance