Aminian Business Services: NetSuite Solutions Designed for Business Requirements

Mo Aminian, Managing Partner
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are ubiquitous across industries as a mission critical solution that plays a very important role in enabling enterprises as well as improving their core processes to ensure a smooth workflow. Nonetheless, integration as well as customization challenges persist in every industry where organizations have their own unique processes and requirements. To overcome this, NetSuite’s ERP solutions streamline enterprise operations by delivering real-time access and visibility for better business management. Aminian Business Services, which is the nation’s first NetSuite Solution Provider, specializes in and supports NetSuite's cloud-based business management solutions. “Our great in-depth consulting experience and deep product knowledge through several successful NetSuite implementations have gained us a remarkable position in the market,” says Mo Aminian, Managing Partner, Aminian Business Services.

Aminian Business Services is the nation’s premier NetSuite Consultant. A team of NetSuite Certified ERP consultants help companies to select the right solution for their unique business requirements. The company’s NetSuite consulting services provide significant value and cost savings to customers by transforming their business processes with a modern, efficient and well-supported infrastructure. “Our team of Certified NetSuite ERP consultants will work quickly to understand a business and provide expert knowledge pertaining to achieving your immediate and long-term business goals,” states Mo.

With Aminian’s NetSuite approach, the company’s staff now has the ability to automatically approve and invoice sales orders within NetSuite. This provides increased efficiency and ensures that the order management process begins and ends within the company’s NetSuite account. Auto-billed sales orders are automatically converted into invoices that are stored within NetSuite and are accessible to all permitted (Accounts Receivable) A/R personnel. Aminian's Automated Billing bundle allows the A/R staff to automatically approve and invoice sales orders based on user-defined, system-wide settings.More over the pending sales orders can be designated for automated approval and invoicing based on the customer, dollar amount, date range, pricing, payment terms and ship date.

Our team of Certified NetSuite ERP Consultants work quickly to understand your business and provide expert knowledge to achieve your business goals

The company has worked rigorously to achieve great customer relationships, solving some of the most complex inventory and order management challenges that enterprises face today. For instance, ‘LifeProof’, which designs, manufactures and markets LifeProof cases for all-weather and environmental protection for Smartphone, was facing a problem of real-time visibility into inventory and order management impaired Accounting & Customer Support divisions. By adopting Aminian’s great user training and customized NetSuite, ‘LifeProof’ was able to meet its unique needs of automated approval or billing process which eliminated the chance of conflicting invoices and inventory bottlenecks and also generated automated warranty registration and inventory management that streamlined customer support processes. Aminian provided great user training and customized solutions to meet our unique needs. Having the warehouse, call center and accounting department working within one system has made the firm more efficient. Today, after hundreds of successful NetSuite implementations, Aminian Business Services is uniquely positioned to provide consulting expertise and deep product knowledge to companies throughout Southern California.

Aminian's mission is to change the way small and mid-sized companies conduct their businesses by delivering and implementing NetSuite's cloud-based business application for processing CRM, ERP and Web commerce activities. The company takes pride in having designed and implemented a number of projects for customers who were seeking solutions that are not available in a NetSuite “out-of-the-box” configuration.

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Mo Aminian, Managing Partner

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