Amitego AG: Making the User Access in the IT Infrastructure Transparent and Controllable

CIO VendorGerd Simon, Managing Director
In this age of Internet, with an increasingly distributed, mobile workforce, an assortment of end devices, corporate acumens and data are prone to ever greater risks and requirements, which has led great amount of companies and organizations encircled around numerous regulations and standards. For instance, firms coming from IT, stock or financial background have to, initially, state auditors the individuals who are liable to access their financial information and assets, and simultaneously the authentication of the same. Similarscenario is subjected to various verticals across the globe where such laws are promulgated, which ordain all entities to ensure the protection of their data at all times.

Business leaders are in a probe of a cost effective, secure management system, compliant with the law and business policies, which can provide them a safe admittance through a centrally monitored and administered, yet highly adaptable, IT infrastructure. The search desists at Amitego AG, an expert, headquartered at Switzerland, which provides Oracle base solutions, specialized inmanaging and controlling the access of privileged users to IT environments and the data.
Amitego AG was established in 2010 with a sole mission to deliver eminent tools and services to make ingress to IT Infrastructure transparent, seamless and controllable.

OSGD: All in One Serving Platform

Amitego, an Oracle Gold Partner, is catering organization’s need with the Oracle secure global desktop (OSGD) software that works as a virtual gateway between
workstations and datacenters that validates and assess all the information going through it towards the users at helm. This software, available on Linux (Red Hat 5, Oracle Linux) enable secure, user friendly provision of applications and data possible via any network. It also provides standardization and integration of heterogeneous client environments with a consistent central access management. The same management leadership also promises high availability, security, scalability and ease of maintenance of the IT infrastructure.

To enhance and facilitate the services further, this Oracle based company with the aid of its partner Amitego engineering GmbH, has developed Visulox, an extension of OSGD, having a whole variety of expertise in supporting application servers and clients. Together they ensure a coherent transfer of non-web-compatible applications such as X11 or legacy applications to the Intranet or Internet without including any porting efforts.

Selecting the Right Partner

Amitego AG takes its pride in its partner and services. With the confluence with their carefully chosen partners the company has left its dent at various firms internationally. “We offer worldwide 24X7X365 support service for our solution. We always look for the partners who are with the customers to train them because we are selling all over the world and it’s much better for us to rely on local partners, to deliver a service which is as good and as reliable as possible”, mentioned Gerd Simon, Managing Director, Amitego AG. The company has its clients spanned across various verticals internationally such as Telco companies, automotive corporations, and government institutions, to name a few.

Amitego AG


Gerd Simon, Managing Director

A provider of Oracle based solutions, specialized in managing and controlling the access of privileged users to IT environments and the data