Amivero: Human-Centered Approach to Data Analytics

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Brett Shirley, Director of Business Intelligence
Companies that operate in the data analytics space often fall into two categories: those that focus on end-user needs and those that focus on gathering, storing, and making available large amounts of data. In both cases, the results fall short because of the failure to contextualize the data with the requirements, leaving unnoticed value add opportunities hiding in plain sight. This is where Amivero’s unique, human centered approach to data analytics enables environment-focused solutions that enable users to make high-value decisions based on trustworthy, real-time information.

“We believe the human aspect is a legitimate data point. As such, we put people and their perspectives at the center of projects and into all stages of the delivery process to contextualize data,” says Brett Shirley, Director of Business Intelligence, Amivero. Understanding the end user's needs within the context of the mission allows for putting together related data and presenting it in an easily consumable way for the user.

This human-centered approach is even more crucial in the federal space as the landscape is ever-changing, requiring continuous investigation and testing, accelerated responsiveness to change, and consistent, attentive outreach to stakeholders and end-users. Hosting an invaluable array of experience across the federal space, Amivero understands first-hand the specific data requirements of the federal government to make mission critical decisions fast. Addressing these needs, the company provides systems modernization, digital transformation, and cybersecurity services, in addition to data analytics to federal government decision-makers. Amivero uses advanced programmable logic tools to overcome cumbersome processes and ‘messy’ data not suited for analysis or automation. The company is continually innovating conducting hands-on experiments with their own data and sandbox to present proven solutions to clients.

“We ensure the data reaches the end-user in a way that makes sense to them and magnifies their efficiency and effectiveness in the decision-making process,” adds Shirley. Amivero understands that in the federal space, operational or technical engagements at the highest levels right from a particular tool to an orchestration platform might differ based on each government’s previously made selections.
Being truly agnostic, the company leverages the toolbox its clients already have. For Amivero, it isn’t about the specific tools and technology, it’s the process of developing the solution thoroughly understanding a client’s mission, culture, norms, and values and factoring them into understanding the influences on the solution.

In one instance, Amivero was brought in to develop consumable visualizations across a variety of analytics platforms. After gaining an understanding of their client’s legacy reporting process, Amivero identified hours of manual labor being spent on extracting, manipulating, and cleaning data. Amivero used the client’s existing toolbox to develop a solution that eliminated repetitive tasks and accelerated the transformation of the data utilized. In just over three months, the company automated more than 36 daily and weekly reports, freeing up thousands of staff hours of time that was reallocated to higher-value tasks and projects.

We ensure the data reaches the end-user in a way that makes sense to them and magnifies their efficiency and effectiveness in the decision-making process

To stay relevant in competition, Amivero’s internal data science and analytics community of practice gathers data-minded people for skill-enrichment and cross-pollination of ideas. This helps all team members develop multiple capabilities for a flexible approach to combining both qualitative and quantitative analytic means to inform real-time, actionable insights. When there is a critical deployment that needs to be addressed, the entire staff can be surged over to a particular workstream, enabling Amivero to address priority customer needs.

Indeed, in a sea of data analytics providers, a human-centered, data-driven approach combined with expertise and flexibility is the driving factor that steers Amivero forward.


Reston, VA

Brett Shirley, Director of Business Intelligence

With expertise in software delivery, data science and analytics, cloud and infrastructure, and cybersecurity, Amivero takes the human aspect of an organization into account for delivering valuable solutions and transformative services in the federal space.