Ammeon: Exploiting Cloud and DevOps to Accelerate Service Delivery

Fred Jones, CEO
Organizations are constantly unearthing new ways of exploiting cloud and DevOps trends to accelerate service delivery. These trends often require that they transform their old way-of-working to adopt a Lean-Agile approach. This is a journey that begins with people, then focuses on processes and tools. Ammeon helps organizations to understand the challenges and then leverages its consultancy, training, environment management services, and DevOps practices to facilitate their journey. “We provide a portfolio of services and solutions that are trusted by our Tier-1 customers for use in complex and demanding environments,” begins Fred Jones, CEO, Ammeon. “It’s critical that you get your teams’ DevOps established and the entire organization focused on making the changes necessary to ensure the journey is successful, and we can help with that,” he continues.

By means of automation, continuous delivery, containerization and Software-Defined Networking/ Network Functions Virtualization (SDN/NFV), Ammeon is approaching a ‘software-defined everything’ view of service delivery. “We employ a variety of technologies (mainly open source) including building Continuous Integration around Jenkins, using configuration management tools such as Puppet and Chef, and exploiting containerization capabilities such as those in Docker,” points out Jones. The company has developed a complete DevOps (Agile/Scrum, CI and CDs) framework to support its customers’ software-based service delivery cycle—impacting key areas such as time to deliver, quality, zero-downtime upgrade and cost reductions. Ammeon is focused on moving customers off legacy applications, accelerating the upgrade process and delivering services that help reduce organizations’ support costs and improve their bottom lines. Its newly developed solutions help customers get control over their infrastructure and achieve a better ROI.
“We’ve seen situations where environments were left running just because there was a fear that if they were ‘turned off’, the team would have to wait weeks to get them back,” says Jones. Ammeon’s Environment-as-a-Service solution (EaaS) combines discovery work with tooling, a knowledge base, and booking service and test automation—which help customers address their environment issues.

The company’s roadmap intersects with a vision to constantly evolve and innovate its tools, services, and support. “Key elements include the packaging and support of a wide range of free and open source tools in unique combinations to match our clients’ needs, complemented by our understanding of challenging operational environments,” says Jones.

Ammeon’s vendor-independent approach to solution delivery and our preference for open source gives us a different perspective from large competing service shops

Ammeon’s vendor-independent approach to solution delivery and preference for open source gives them a different perspective from large competing service shops that tend to be dependent on the sale of hardware, licensed software and tools. “This is a chief reason our customers see us as honest brokers whose guidance they can rely on. We are very customer-focused and driven to project completion; customers know that when they engage with us their job will be done,” concludes Jones.


Dublin, Ireland

Fred Jones, CEO

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