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For a CMO, a more digital world means collaborating with the CIO, who can harnesses the power of technology. The CIO can also help guide strategic alliances and improved technology infrastructure that will set their company up for success by addressing the Big Data marketing imperative. Three years ago, Gartner predicted that CMOs will spend more money on IT than CIOs by 2017—a true testament to Big Data’s critical role in marketing and the ever-evolving nature of technology-driven business linked to the connected consumer.

Mark Strecker, CEO of Amobee, a global marketing technology company with offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia is a highly successful executive with over 20 years of experience in mobile and high-tech. His deep roots in these industries have provided the foundation for Amobee’s agile approach to marketing technology development and ability to address the impact of data on the c-suite.

As a subsidiary of Singtel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world with over 550 mobile subscribers, Amobee has set the pace of innovation. With nine patents, Amobee Brand Intelligence and cross channel, cross device tech-stack is the foundation for the company’s display, social, email, mobile and video solutions.

The Amobee Brand Intelligence technology platform analyzes more than 60 billion digital views and consumer engagements that occur each day, across the Web, mobile, social and video content. The value of this data provides CMOs and CIOs a much deeper understanding of real time and historical consumer sentiment, media behaviors, brand associations, and competitive insights, all of which are used to inform everything from strategy to media buying, creative and content development, and delivery of digital advertising for brands. Amobee’s technology platform allows this data to process in seconds, giving brands actionable insights to inform real time decision making.

Amobee’s clients worldwide have increased performance from leveraging Brand Intelligence data and insights for their digital marketing campaigns including IKEA, Lexus and L’Oreal

Mark Strecker, CEO
Amobee’s cutting-edge Brand Intelligence technology performs granular analysis of what people are reading and engaging with online across 600,000 websites, including social, video, and mobile, and a global panel of more than 50 million consumers. Amobee utilizes natural language processing (NLP) on all digital views to understand the content which is then cross-correlated and clustered with the data pertaining to millions of key concepts and consumer passion points.

“Amobee’s clients worldwide have increased performance from leveraging Brand Intelligence data and insights for their digital marketing campaigns including IKEA, Lexus and L’Oreal,” said Mark Strecker. “We turn big data into actionable, real time marketing opportunities for companies to drive revenue, increase media performance, brand engagement and recall, while effectively building meaningful consumer connections.” Amobee enables CIOs and CMOs to be on the front line of cloud-based technology and data-driven media delivery for digital marketing in real time.

An example of this in action is Amobee’s partnership with Lexus. Amobee Brand Intelligence was used to help identify and reach Lexus’ multicultural audience across key markets that presented a significant growth opportunity for the brand. The partnership resulted in a 41 percent increase in qualified traffic rate to dealer sites, one of the primary objectives of the campaign. Being able to apply Amobee Brand Intelligence insights to their advertising strategy and execution generated a year-over-year 301 percent increase in consumers’ engagement with video ads.

The future of the marketing industry as a whole is being created every day and driven by technology. “There have never been more opportunities for brands to understand and connect with consumers,” said Strecker. “Innovation requires relentless focus and passion for solving problems throughout the entire value chain from the CIO and CMO, all the way to the final customer.”


Foster City, CA

Mark Strecker, CEO

Amobee is evolving the way brands make digital marketing decisions. Our technology discovers consumer interests, trends and passion points in real time that brands use to engage audiences and convert them into customers. The result is optimal digital marketing spend across display, mobile, social, and video.