AmperAXP: Simplifying AI Integrations

Arun Hiremath, Co-founder & CEO
Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing new dimensions to serving customers better and leveraging new business opportunities. Using AI to gain insights into patterns, trends, and applications is becoming prevalent across all industries-financial services, healthcare, retail, industrial IoT, and hospitality to name a few. However, embedding AI into existing enterprise applications or while building new business software can be arduous, complex, and time-consuming. AmperAXP Inc.—a global application development software provider—aims to streamline AI implementation and make an application’s “design-to-deployment” lifecycle much easier. The company’s flagship product, Amper, a low-code application acceleration platform, provides AI Enablement through which enterprises can simply drag-drop-configure to build ML models and incorporate the models to enrich the data in their business applications.

While virtually every enterprise is keen to upgrade their applications with AI, most of them are unable to determine which technologies or algorithms are best-suited to solve their business problems. The companies, therefore, outsource the AI implementation process as a separate project—a time-consuming proposition. Notwithstanding, the result obtained at the end of the project is also seldom found to be readily-useable by enterprises. Arun Hiremath, co-founder and CEO of AmperAXP, says, “This is where we found our value proposition; in the world of data explosion and analytics, the gap between reporting and decision-making is what we target to bridge.”Amper offers a low-code/no-code visual development environment to effortlessly design and deploy complex business processes while providing AI model building and deployment as an integral part of application development. “Ability for applications to offer the right data to the right individual at the right time to make the decisions and automate the actions that should follow is of tremendous value to any Enterprise. And that is what Amper platform delivers,” highlights Hiremath.

One of AmperAXP’s hospitality clients wanted to incorporate AI into their travel portal but it was unable to design a workable AI model.
Mallik Hiremani, Co-founder & CTO
Using Amper platform, the client sieved through various algorithms and effectively utilized AI to drive enhanced results for customer searches. The AI model built on customer’s specific preferences and past experience helped zero-in on search results that most likely convert to actual itineraries. Employing this, the travel company was able to sell its travel deals faster and provide more customer-satisfactory business.

One of the distinct features of Amper is that it assimilates the various dimensions of application development, like data flow, event flow, and process flow under one platform. Along with these modules, the platform incorporates an AI component, making Amper a “one-stop-shop” for enterprises to address their software application requisites. The ease of using Amper is such that Mallik Hiremani, co-founder and CTO, cites an example, “If an executive brainstorms new ideas for his/her enterprise application, all that the design team needs to do is ‘drag and drop’ the feature-sets from different modules to create the required application.”

Furthermore, the platform is also equipped to refurbish an application without any hassle when business requirements and policies change. “We store the business policies and rules of an enterprise in the form of metadata. When policies change, companies can modify the configurations themselves and redo the applications in a jiffy,” states Hiremani. Similarly, in case the platform needs to be switched to a new computing environment, like Spark or Hadoop, it can be seamlessly done by adding plug-ins for the new processing environment.

The CEO asserts that even though Amper provides various modules and AI in an integrated manner, “the modules can be implemented separately as plug-ins to an enterprise’s existing architecture through APIs to support different requirements.”Moving ahead, AmperAXPis committed to bringing more ground-breaking AI capabilities that enhance business agility and operational excellence.


Fremont, CA

Arun Hiremath, Co-founder & CEO and Mallik Hiremani, Co-founder & CTO

Provides a platform that can rapidly design, develop, and deploy AI, using a low-code platform