Amphora: Risk Free Operational Efficiency

Don Levantin, CEO & Rick Nelson, President
Change is intrinsic to the commodity industry with many triggers: disruptive events, dispersed data silos, and regulatory action. Market players who are adversely impacted are often not prepared, and miss the opportunity to adapt their business and operational models. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) assists the organization’s management to both understand and prepare for such changes as quickly as possible. “Amphora’s Symphony—Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) is a functionally rich product in the market assisting CIOs to consolidate their risk management into a single system,” says Don Levantin, CEO of Amphora. “Our primary role is to help those organizations with commodity trading or commodity exposures in their business to better manage risk and utilize our products to further their success.” Amphora provides enterprise software solutions designed and developed for commodity trading, logistics and risk management to firms in various verticals. Origi-nally conceived on the trading floor of Phibro over 25 years ago, Amphora has evolved into one of the leading Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM) platforms by providing the needed functional depth to organizations.

Symphony, Amphora’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution, has unique multi-commodity functionality offering the full lifecycle for the most complex of trades, including complex scenario modelling. Symphony provides straight-through processing of deal capture through to settlement, with real-time position and P&L management capabilities. Amphora’s customers receive complete operational confidence using Symphony’s robust audit and control capabilities. Featuring a highly intuitive user-configurable interface, Symphony offers powerful visualization capabilities backed by fast back-end performance. According to Rick Nelson, President of Amphora, the CIOs of today are in need of more integration points that allow interaction with the E/CTRM, which is currently difficult and costly to perform due to the numerous information silos in a modern trading organization.

Amphora is developing a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that work in both C# and Java, and are also available on the Symphony Message Bus directly for integration with other programming languages.

Our primary role is to help those organizations with commodity trading or commodity exposures in their business to better manage risk

By integrating with Amphora’s backward compatible API, customers can migrate to new releases more easily.

Symphony further provides risk managers with the tools, that unify the entire front, middle, and back office in a single, real-time view. Whether it is making decisions upon what trade to make, where and how to move inventory, or how P&L is changing each day, the company’s application, Symphony’s Risk Manger is optimized to present that information to users effectively. “Our development of Risk Manager is focused on simplicity and innovating the speed of the application; offering the fastest and easiest real-time way to view all key metrics across the entire trading business,” says Nelson. Additionally, Amphora’s Value at Risk (VaR) module provides an integrated and user-friendly environment for risk management including back testing analysis. The application provides portfolio selection, parameter settings and calibration, VaR calculation using multiple methodologies, back testing, and VaR result reporting tools. “While Amphora does calculate VaR, we offer additional innovation by providing our customers’ risk management teams with key factor analysis tools that help them better understand price movements, correlations and volatility,” explains Nelson.

The company is all set to release their Trade Confirmation Application offering an empowering workflow for those confirming deals. This application can integrate into any E/CTRM application, not just Amphora’s, and will help users confirm and negotiate contract documentation once a trade is complete. “While our traditional strength has been in crude and refined oil, we have expanded into ore, coal, agriculture, metals and concentrates and are looking further a field in the ensuing years,” concludes Levantin.


Houston, TX

Don Levantin, CEO & Rick Nelson, President

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