Amplesoft Corporation: Aligning Data through SAP Technology

Srikanth Kanuri, Founder and CEO
Data plays a vital role in decisive strategy of enterprises. However, chunks of data go unnoticed in its raw format as the enterprises lack proper tools to mend them. “Today’s greatest business challenge is the transformation of raw unstructured data into the meaningful information format. It is essential to filter the data in order to identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities,” states Srikanth Kanuri, founder and director of Amplesoft Corporation. This meaningful data can contribute to the ‘business intelligence’ of the firm, which today is governed by technologies like in-memory, cloud computing and mobility. With new technology and tools, Amplesoft puts in place the processes and tools required to deliver data and analytics in the most efficient and appropriate way using agile methodology to meet the needs of business decision-makers.

Headquartered at Toronto, Canada, Amplesoft specializes in SAP Business Analytics and logistics planning and optimization based on the customers’ historical and current data, and provides predictive views of business operations. Amplesoft’s BI Analytics solution allows easy interpretation of large volumes of data. “Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on these insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability,” says Kanuri. On the business side, Amplesoft performs end-to-end business analytics, provided from different SAP systems and non SAP systems.

Amplesoft’s solutions have benefit¬ted several clients predominantly in examining their data. For instance, Black¬Berry one of their clients in Canada, faced challenges with their SAP supply chain configuration. Amplesoft came forward to resolve the issue by re-designing the complicated SAP Demand Planning functionality with Supply Network Planning solution which reduced master data maintenance time, cost and manual intervention. Amplesoft also provided SAP supply chain collaboration tool where partners can access the real-time data with data maintenance capability. In addition to that, they re-architected the supply chain to the most current state of the business.
Through this approach, most of the manual tasks were drastically reduced, improving efficiency and generating more revenue for the client.

Amplesoft’s key differentiator lies in the quality solution they deliver in the most efficient and cost effective manner. “We onboard most of our consultants based on the experience from our previous engagements. On average, our consultants have over ten years of experience working with SAP. We make a point of expanding our relationships almost exclusively through referrals to ensure the overall quality of our resource pool,” Kanuri adds. For new professionals, rigorous interviews are organized to gain a strong understanding of their skills in order to meet the client’s high standards of technical and customer service excellence. Also as a leading provider of SAP IT staffing services, Amplesoft employs well qualified professionals to get the job done for their clients. “Our dedicated SAP qualified recruiting teams built upon our network of highly skilled IT professionals, enable us to support our clients’ SAP goals with the best talent in each local market,” he exclaims.

Identifying new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability

Looking into a bright future, “we are going to focus on Big Data, advanced analytics, mobility and cloud/ in-memory computing technologies,” reveals Kanuri. Amplesoft will be investing in updating and adopting the new tools, technologies and trends to identify the best possible solutions for the end customer. In addition, they are developing a package solution which is cheaper than SAP products from an industrial point of view, with integrated information from SAP.

Amplesoft Corporation

Toronto, Canada

Srikanth Kanuri, Founder and CEO

Specializes in SAP Business Analytics and logistics planning and optimization.